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SALTY Ladybug

Salty has a new outfit and it is a cute dress with rain boots, together with a matching umbrella, all in pokey dots that looks exactly like the Ladybug, which is the name too!

The Ladybug comes in 3 different colors, Red, Yellow and Orange and it comes fitted nicely for most of the mesh. Kitty is also very impressed by the way Salty delivers their product. You do need even need to rez the boxes as it comes in a HUD, which you can put on and here comes your packages! This is the full Yellow Ladybug and look at that big umbrella. I bet even the horse could fit in!

Instead of showing you 3 photo of each colors, Kitty decided that she would do something different. Just suppose you have all the 3 colors, what can you do with it? Of course you are free to mix and match them in whichever way you like it! Here is a red dress, which is Kitty's favorite, in a stylish yellow boots and the umbrella is in orange. Now this is a rainbow to brighten the day, even after the rain!

Even without the umbrella, there are plenty of times you can use the Ladybug outfit. The dots are really catchy and everyone can wear a rain boots every once in a while! Do you like this orange dress with red shoes?

You will find the Ladybug over at the Dazzle event at the Salty booth for only $125L each, including the umbrella and shoes. Salty is one of the sponsor for this event and the Ladybug is an exclusive item, so make sure you get it now:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.