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Petit Chat Acorn Set

There is a new set of necklace and bracelet set named Acorn from Petit Chat and it comes with 6 colors each without the need of a HUD to make changes.

Kitty will show you a few of the combination she tried and this is the first Pink Acorn necklace. Kitty just feel that this goes too well with her outfit and hair and she is not likely to want to change this, if she has a choice.

Here you can see the bracelet and necklace together. Despite they are not the same color set, the seems to goes well no matters. The little acorn on the jewelry pieces is simply going to make come prehistoric squirrels go mad Kitty thinks. 

Try out another set, with Teal and Yellow. The Teal colors seems to stands out well, maybe because it is bright, but it still matches Kitty's hair. Even if harvest is quite over, there is no reason to to relax on this set of accessories especially when Kitty received reliable information that the FatPack is at 50% off.

You will find the Acorn Set over at The Chapter Four, along with other goodies. Make sure you make the turn into Half Price Street:

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