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Mani Pedi Bokeh

Bokeh is the latest nail polish from Mani Pedi and it is a really colorfully set of nail polish for your Maitreya, Omega or Slink mesh. It comes with a HUD as above and in 7 sparkling colors!

Even the most basic of colors - Black, Bokeh added some shines to it with some nice water sparkles. This goes well with the theme of Rain and Shine for the Dazzle event where this nail paint is on sale now.

There is never too colorful with the red and purple spectrum which really goes pretty well with Kitty's hair and colorful casual outfit. There is no reason not to put on a good set of nail paint, especially since there is absolutely nothing to wear because it is just a simple applier!

There are just too many great colors to show and this is the Magenta with Purple, slightly darker but not as dark as Black. It does looks like it might rain, but Kitty is pretty sure the nail paint is waterproof as well. :)

The Bokeh is available at the Mani Pedi booth at the Dazzle event at $80L. Make sure you select the right mesh before making your payment:

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