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LR Slaughterer Axe

The Slaughterer Axe is a bloody weapon, literally, from LR which feature 4 different version with different damage type. But one thing is for sure, this will make even Pyramid Head from Silent Hill worries...

The HUD is simple and it feature a easy change of texture for the handle as well as the size of the Axe. Well, no harm being bigger :)

It would be a shame to hide the Axe, so even when sheath there is no cover for the Axe. After all, what is the point of killing all those wild beasts and not showing it by the mark of blood?

When drawn, this feel just as comfortable as Thor would be with his hammer, except this cuts with a lot more pain, Kitty assure you. Now I heard there is a croc here... Well, no more!

The Slaughterer Axe is available at the LR Booth over at the We Love Roleplay event at a discount of 25% now:

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