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LR Forest Wood Bracer

The Forest Wood Bracer is a protective shield from LR and this is a 100% all nature weapon designed purely with wood!

The HUD provided with the Forest Wood Bracer is quite similar to the other bracer on sale - The Forest Blade Bracer:

Except that in this version, you can also adjust the sticks color a well.

Here you can see that the bracer feels so nature as part of the forest, you do not even need to camouflage it! I bet even the fishes thought this is a piece of float wood.

Here you can clearly see that the wood cover the outer part of your arm and it means you won't get splinter when you brush your hair or something!

The Forest Wood Bracer is only $250L, but right not over at the We Love Roleplay event, there is a further 25% off:

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