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LR Forest Blade Bracer

It is always practical to have a Bracer not only on defense, but armed with blade. This is the inspiration behind the LR Forest Blade Bracer and it is environmental friendly by making use of wood as the main material.

The HUD is simple, but still it offer you a choice of 3 different wooden texture as well as the standard resize options.

Here is the view of the Forest Blade Bracer in black wood and due to the nature of black, the blade is well hidden. Although this is technically a shield, it doesn't stop you from roleplaying it as a weapon. That is the whole point of roleplay right? It is only limited by imagination!

The Forest Blade Bracer may be made of wood, but it is as strong as a shield and perfect for a fist fight. I am sure you do not want to hit the bracer because not only it can be painful, you might be cut by the blades.

The Forest Blade Bracer is one of the 2 bracers on sale over at the LR booth at We Love Roleplay:

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