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LR Barbarian Sword

What is more dangerous than a Barbarian Sword? Maybe a double Barbarian Sword from LR! This is exactly why you can carry 2 sword (if you have the strength and if the sim allows!). And it could be the new fashion in weapon, the sheath sword is not fully covered, so do not mess with Barbarian Kitty even if the sword is sheathed.

The HUD offers 4 segments where you can change the texture to your taste and a easy interface to resize the swords.

Here are the swords sheathed but still very dangerous. Try making a sound if you approach from behind or you mind find more than a hole in your body if Kitty decide to step back.

When draw, the long sword is not only sharp, but it is heavy. Perfect for cutting anything in your way down, fast and hard. 

Here is a close up of the sword and believe me, Kitty is not afraid of using them, especially in the dense forest. Welcome to the Jungle!

The LR Barbarian Sword is on sales now at 25% off at the We Love Roleplay event:

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