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Free Dove Mini Hunt November 2018

Free Dove is having the Free hunt for November and Kitty had done 2 of the 3 hunt on site. One of them is from DM and the other from Chaotic. The hunt will require you to find some of the items on the Free Dove sim and the rest on the vendor's sim itself. Although one of the items from Chaotic could not be found.

This sexy outfit is made up of a dress from DM and the shoes from Chaotic! It's a great time to look good even without spending!

DM has a back bag that is so cute it just cannot be ignore, so that is also included in this outfit. Oh nice sheep, Hi there!

What do you think of the outfit? Does it look expensive? All these are free from the prizes of the hunt.

So come over and grab your free group to start this hunt:

There is also another Mini Hunt from ROA Design as well!

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