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Bare Rose Diora

The Diora Mr is a Maitreya fitted black dress outfit from Bare Rose that comes with full Bento support for the skirt and fingers and there is a even a head decoration that comes with it!

The Diora Mr is comes complete prefer fitted for Maitreya and there is a AutoHide to help hide off any overlaps. Everything here is included from the dress, gloves all the way to the boots. There is never a better time to look great in black.

This is the back of the Diora and you can clearly see how the little decoration and studs shows its shine on the leather black dress. 

Kitty mentioned there is a head deco and here it is, right above your brows. This is optional of course and you can have a better view of the sexy cut top with all the shiny metals pieces that made up of the Diora.

Get your very own Diora at Bare Rose and check our their massive collection of outfits:

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