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AvaGirl Renee

The Renee from AvaGirl is a dark themed black jumpsuit made for your inner darkness and The Darkness Event starting on 4th Nov.  It consist of a pair of black heels, a jumpsuit with a HUD to customized the sleeves.

There are many options for the sleeves, one of them definitely will be what you need!

The outfit is not conventional at the very least, with the pants covering over the right leg only. But why should a dark theme outfit be anyway? The black heels is easy to fit and mesh of Maitreya, Slink and Belleza is supported. Notice that this has both upper and lower sleeves enabled.

The outfit is latex fitting and definitely projects a proud and confident look. This only enables the upper sleeves and is definitely cooling! The chain pieces on the waist give your skin plenty of room to breathe.

If you prefer, there is even options with shear or totally no sleeve at all. Is Kitty sexy in the Renee? Well you can be too! This is available exclusively at The Darkness Event for only $199L:

But Kitty did not promise you it won't be crowded. :)

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