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AvaGirl Rayne

Rayne from AvaGirl is a complete outfit with jeans, top, jacket and it comes with a HUD allowing you to make changes to the colors in many combinations!

There are 3 colors each for the jeans as well as the jacket and a total of  20 colors for the top. There will always be a color for any mood or any function!

Rain or shine, the answer to a walk by the seaside is always there with Rayne! And the trumpet is back as you can see Kitty wearing it happily. The jeans comes with various height for different feet option, but you can also make use of that to hide, partially hide or show your shoes accordingly. Do you like the red / black combination Kitty had chosen?

Maybe something brighter, but you are always welcome to try. This blue and yellow is a flashy display of attraction and you can also see here that Kitty chosen a height which you can finally see her shoes! This shoe is from AvaGirl as well! You will see it in a later post!

Rayne or shine, you will always find great stuff at the Dazzle event and Rayne is available at the Dazzle booth over at:

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