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Avagirl Anna

Anna from AvaGirl is an elegant looking dress made for both classic and mesh body and it comes with 12 fabulous colors!

Whether you are staying indoors or outdoors, this is the perfect dress as it is pretty and not over dressed for any occasion. Come take a boat ride with Kitty in the Red Anna?

There are a few tones that is not so bright if you prefer something subtle. How about this Raspberry Anna? By the way, where are you? 

There is always a reason to wear white, not only because it is easy to spot you, but it is the perfect color for this sunny bright day! But even the white Anna, there is detail texture from the wool like fabric to make this dress not a bit dull!

A review is never complete without a nice Black touch! The Black Anna is matured, but it does not mean we can't be having fun! Come, our ride is waiting!

The Anna dress with HUD is available at the Dazzle event now over the AvaGirl booth:

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