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AvaGirl Animated Umbrella

Be it rain or shine, there is always a reason for an umbrella. But what is better than an umbrella? An Animated Umbrella from AvaGirl. There are quite some colors to change from and you can even trigger some of the particles, all just by touching the umbrella!

There are actually 4 umbrella in the pack, one on each hand and the classic and bento version, giving you all the flexibility where to hold the Animated Umbrella! There are 2 sections of the umbrella you can make changes to, the inside and outside and this is the Blue and Red Kitty has chosen!

You never know when it might rain, or actually you do, especially if you click on it to trigger the rain. The umbrella changes color when it get wet too (you can do that, yes, by click on it! :P)

Even if you wish to use the umbrella in the sun, there is always the bubbles or the stars particles you can switch on for some surprises.

You will find the Animated Umbrella exclusively over at the Dazzle event for November:

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