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Ahroun Designs Dominika Romper

The Dominika Romper from Ahroun Designs is a easy to put on outfit consisting of a top and pants which you can select different texture and colors using the provided HUD.

Let's try on a Blue pants with a Kingfisher top for a cooling day to chill at the lounge. The Dominika Romper comes as a easy 1 piece outfit and it available for various mesh including Maitreya, Tonic, Freya etc. Kitty is trying the Maitreya here with absolutely no adjustment required.

There are definitely other variations if blue is too dull for you. Try this flowery top with a white pants for a change. This definitely brightens the day!

As there are 8 textures for the top, together with 7 colors options for the pants. This give a total of 56 combinations!

As there are too many beautiful combos to try out, Kitty will try out one more which she calls the "fiery" combo, with the red leaves top and a red pants. Perfect for a bite over the hot dog stands, don't you think? Hotdogs, anyone?

The Dominika Romper is available at the Ahroun Designs booth over at the Dazzle event now:

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