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A&A Ramira Hair

The Ramira Hair from A&A is now at the Dazzle event and it comes with an assortment of crazy amount of colors.

Yes, we are talking about I-can't-count type of crazy. There are 10 separate packs which comes with already quite some selection. There is definitely one that you will like! Each of these packs are now $250L only. And if you are greedy, or couldn't decide there is always the "catch'em all" pack which contains all at $1500L.

The pack includes the hair itself and this simple HUD which allows you to easily resize, select a colors and there is even 6 different styles of hair with slight variation and bands, but definitely make it feel like a different hair.

Just getting out of the pool? This could be the best hair for this as you can even feel the wetness and droplets of water falling off your silky hair onto your shoulders. This fit perfectly with the theme of Rain and Shine at the Dazzle event. This is the plain black that Kitty always like!

Feel adventurous and for some wet fun, there are always colorful selection from all spectrum of the rainbow for that! 

Whether its swiming or surfing and even while resting after some water sports, the hair looks great and you can almost feel it drying in the cool breeze. There is never a dull moment with the Ramira hair.

Even a white selection of Ramira can be stunning. Check this out if you do not believe what Kitty says. A picture says a 1000 words?

Check the demo out over at the Dazzle November event or get your own packs today! No umbrella needed as it is time to get wet:

P.S. Look on your right for a nice surprise!

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