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Bare Rose Belior Lady

The Beilor Lady from Bare Rose is a white dragon like outfit which is both sexy and dangerous with several optional parts such as the wings and tail. 

The wings are huge and resembles that of the dragon, giving this a really majestic looks. There are also 2 horns for the head that comes with the outfit to add to that. 

From the back view, you can clearly see the huge bat like wings and the dragon tail attachment that moves. The basic wear is bikini like, so it is a great opportunity to show off some skin and tattoos!

Here is a close up of the outfit and you can see the details of the bone structure as well as ancient inscription all over. Kitty assure you that suit if powered by magic! 

The Beilor Day is available at Bare Rose over at the new section now:

Bare Rose Diora

The Diora Mr is a Maitreya fitted black dress outfit from Bare Rose that comes with full Bento support for the skirt and fingers and there is a even a head decoration that comes with it!

The Diora Mr is comes complete prefer fitted for Maitreya and there is a AutoHide to help hide off any overlaps. Everything here is included from the dress, gloves all the way to the boots. There is never a better time to look great in black.

This is the back of the Diora and you can clearly see how the little decoration and studs shows its shine on the leather black dress. 

Kitty mentioned there is a head deco and here it is, right above your brows. This is optional of course and you can have a better view of the sexy cut top with all the shiny metals pieces that made up of the Diora.

Get your very own Diora at Bare Rose and check our their massive collection of outfits:

Petit Chat Acorn Set

There is a new set of necklace and bracelet set named Acorn from Petit Chat and it comes with 6 colors each without the need of a HUD to make changes.

Kitty will show you a few of the combination she tried and this is the first Pink Acorn necklace. Kitty just feel that this goes too well with her outfit and hair and she is not likely to want to change this, if she has a choice.

Here you can see the bracelet and necklace together. Despite they are not the same color set, the seems to goes well no matters. The little acorn on the jewelry pieces is simply going to make come prehistoric squirrels go mad Kitty thinks. 

Try out another set, with Teal and Yellow. The Teal colors seems to stands out well, maybe because it is bright, but it still matches Kitty's hair. Even if harvest is quite over, there is no reason to to relax on this set of accessories especially when Kitty received reliable information that the FatPack is at 50% off.

You will find the Acorn Set over at The Chapter Four, along with other goodies. Make sure you make the turn into Half Price Street:


Mani Pedi Bokeh

Bokeh is the latest nail polish from Mani Pedi and it is a really colorfully set of nail polish for your Maitreya, Omega or Slink mesh. It comes with a HUD as above and in 7 sparkling colors!

Even the most basic of colors - Black, Bokeh added some shines to it with some nice water sparkles. This goes well with the theme of Rain and Shine for the Dazzle event where this nail paint is on sale now.

There is never too colorful with the red and purple spectrum which really goes pretty well with Kitty's hair and colorful casual outfit. There is no reason not to put on a good set of nail paint, especially since there is absolutely nothing to wear because it is just a simple applier!

There are just too many great colors to show and this is the Magenta with Purple, slightly darker but not as dark as Black. It does looks like it might rain, but Kitty is pretty sure the nail paint is waterproof as well. :)

The Bokeh is available at the Mani Pedi booth at the Dazzle event at $80L. Make sure you select the right mesh before making your payment:

A&A Ramira Hair

The Ramira Hair from A&A is now at the Dazzle event and it comes with an assortment of crazy amount of colors.

Yes, we are talking about I-can't-count type of crazy. There are 10 separate packs which comes with already quite some selection. There is definitely one that you will like! Each of these packs are now $250L only. And if you are greedy, or couldn't decide there is always the "catch'em all" pack which contains all at $1500L.

The pack includes the hair itself and this simple HUD which allows you to easily resize, select a colors and there is even 6 different styles of hair with slight variation and bands, but definitely make it feel like a different hair.

Just getting out of the pool? This could be the best hair for this as you can even feel the wetness and droplets of water falling off your silky hair onto your shoulders. This fit perfectly with the theme of Rain and Shine at the Dazzle event. This is the plain black that Kitty always like!

Feel adventurous and for some wet fun, there are always colorful selection from all spectrum of the rainbow for that! 

Whether its swiming or surfing and even while resting after some water sports, the hair looks great and you can almost feel it drying in the cool breeze. There is never a dull moment with the Ramira hair.

Even a white selection of Ramira can be stunning. Check this out if you do not believe what Kitty says. A picture says a 1000 words?

Check the demo out over at the Dazzle November event or get your own packs today! No umbrella needed as it is time to get wet:

P.S. Look on your right for a nice surprise!

AvaGirl Renee

The Renee from AvaGirl is a dark themed black jumpsuit made for your inner darkness and The Darkness Event starting on 4th Nov.  It consist of a pair of black heels, a jumpsuit with a HUD to customized the sleeves.

There are many options for the sleeves, one of them definitely will be what you need!

The outfit is not conventional at the very least, with the pants covering over the right leg only. But why should a dark theme outfit be anyway? The black heels is easy to fit and mesh of Maitreya, Slink and Belleza is supported. Notice that this has both upper and lower sleeves enabled.

The outfit is latex fitting and definitely projects a proud and confident look. This only enables the upper sleeves and is definitely cooling! The chain pieces on the waist give your skin plenty of room to breathe.

If you prefer, there is even options with shear or totally no sleeve at all. Is Kitty sexy in the Renee? Well you can be too! This is available exclusively at The Darkness Event for only $199L:

But Kitty did not promise you it won't be crowded. :)

LR Forest Wood Bracer

The Forest Wood Bracer is a protective shield from LR and this is a 100% all nature weapon designed purely with wood!

The HUD provided with the Forest Wood Bracer is quite similar to the other bracer on sale - The Forest Blade Bracer:

Except that in this version, you can also adjust the sticks color a well.

Here you can see that the bracer feels so nature as part of the forest, you do not even need to camouflage it! I bet even the fishes thought this is a piece of float wood.

Here you can clearly see that the wood cover the outer part of your arm and it means you won't get splinter when you brush your hair or something!

The Forest Wood Bracer is only $250L, but right not over at the We Love Roleplay event, there is a further 25% off:

LR Forest Blade Bracer

It is always practical to have a Bracer not only on defense, but armed with blade. This is the inspiration behind the LR Forest Blade Bracer and it is environmental friendly by making use of wood as the main material.

The HUD is simple, but still it offer you a choice of 3 different wooden texture as well as the standard resize options.

Here is the view of the Forest Blade Bracer in black wood and due to the nature of black, the blade is well hidden. Although this is technically a shield, it doesn't stop you from roleplaying it as a weapon. That is the whole point of roleplay right? It is only limited by imagination!

The Forest Blade Bracer may be made of wood, but it is as strong as a shield and perfect for a fist fight. I am sure you do not want to hit the bracer because not only it can be painful, you might be cut by the blades.

The Forest Blade Bracer is one of the 2 bracers on sale over at the LR booth at We Love Roleplay:

LR Barbarian Sword

What is more dangerous than a Barbarian Sword? Maybe a double Barbarian Sword from LR! This is exactly why you can carry 2 sword (if you have the strength and if the sim allows!). And it could be the new fashion in weapon, the sheath sword is not fully covered, so do not mess with Barbarian Kitty even if the sword is sheathed.

The HUD offers 4 segments where you can change the texture to your taste and a easy interface to resize the swords.

Here are the swords sheathed but still very dangerous. Try making a sound if you approach from behind or you mind find more than a hole in your body if Kitty decide to step back.

When draw, the long sword is not only sharp, but it is heavy. Perfect for cutting anything in your way down, fast and hard. 

Here is a close up of the sword and believe me, Kitty is not afraid of using them, especially in the dense forest. Welcome to the Jungle!

The LR Barbarian Sword is on sales now at 25% off at the We Love Roleplay event:

LR Slaughterer Axe

The Slaughterer Axe is a bloody weapon, literally, from LR which feature 4 different version with different damage type. But one thing is for sure, this will make even Pyramid Head from Silent Hill worries...

The HUD is simple and it feature a easy change of texture for the handle as well as the size of the Axe. Well, no harm being bigger :)

It would be a shame to hide the Axe, so even when sheath there is no cover for the Axe. After all, what is the point of killing all those wild beasts and not showing it by the mark of blood?

When drawn, this feel just as comfortable as Thor would be with his hammer, except this cuts with a lot more pain, Kitty assure you. Now I heard there is a croc here... Well, no more!

The Slaughterer Axe is available at the LR Booth over at the We Love Roleplay event at a discount of 25% now:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.