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Bare Rose Toyouke Mr

The Toyouke is a flashy red and black outfit from Bare Rose decorated with a detail emblem and it comes with the Mr which is the Maitreya version now!

The Toyouke comes with everything you see here from head to toe, including the headdress, gloves and sandals, all perfectly fitted for the Maitreya. The long dress consisted of a layered red pieces, running along the sides, like the unopened petals of a flower. This version also includes the one-equip Maitreya Autohide from Bare Rose! The cute red sandals is also coupled with the black sock, giving your feet an elegant invisible look.

Here is a close up where you can see the flower decorations on the waist, chest as well as various pieces on the dress itself. The headdress looks like an royal crown with a sun ray back drop. The golden shines of these pieces is the perfect combinations with the dark red and black outfit.

If you think the Toyouke is covering way too much of your beautiful skin, let's take a look at the sexy back and you will notice there is plenty of space for show off. The back of the Toyouke is plain, but perfectly shaped so it is never dull as a outfit for any occasion!

Get your Bare Rose Toyouke today and check out the various version available:

P.S. Toyouke also comes in other different colors as well.


AvaGirl Aya

The outfit Aya from AvaGirl is one sexy kimono that is high recommended especially when a HUD that allow so much customization to the various parts, including the kimono itself, the sash and band and even the panties can be changed to any color you desire from the HUD.

Look at the rainbow arrays of colors available. You practically have a whole wardrobe of kimono with just this one piece! Well, technically it is 6 pieces as it comes with support for different mesh bodies including Slink and Maitreya!

It would be impossible to show you all the colors combinations, but at least Kitty can show you her favorite black vs red! Notice the little knots on the belt, that is tied with good care and Kitty assure you it will not come off! Does Kitty look like a deadly Kunoichi now? (P.S. That is female ninja!) 

If the dark arts is not your type, you can always try the bright colorful red for a change and notice how silky shine the kimono is. Kitty assure your it is of great quality and does not tear easily. Not even in the jungle!

If it has to be sexy, then there is not better way to do it in the water! Notice how well blended the yellow kimono is with the fallen leaves. Do you want to come join Kitty for a swim?

Although the kimono is only 1 piece in the inventory, it does not mean you have to wear all the parts of it. If you had notice on the HUD, right on the first row, it is possible to remove some parts of the Aya outfit. This is one of the minimum setting with just the dress and the belt. Well, who's looking? Sometimes, it may be just great to let your hair down and run wild in the jungle!

AvaGirl is located on a new sim now and you should be able to get your very own Aya at $199L complete with HUD:

Smooching Serpents Little Sister

It is time to bring the Arachnophobia back! Do you remember the Spider from Smooching Serpent Kitty played with a while ago:

Now, there is another version named Little Sister. And this is not a child's play!

The Little Sister comes with a lot of web more than the previous Spider and it supports FORCE EXP capture as well! There is no better trap than a big spider!

The Little Sister spider is also in high detail allowing you to make changes to its design as well. One new feature is that you can even turn on Stealth mode and there goes the spider, but not the web!

There are plenty of couple animation including tease, comfort and of course punishment such as whipping. Notice that the spider is not visible now!

Little Sister feature 2 groups of animation, one of which is the hanging from the wall as you had seen and this set is the one on the floor. Now that is not the right way to get some upskirt photo!

There are plenty to do even when the victim is pinned down on the floor with the web. And at least this is one good way to have someone listen to you once in a while.

This is how a naughty girl should be punished, with lots of spanking and there is no escape from the sticky webs of the Little Sister.

Get the Little Sister from marketplace at $699L now:

Visit the Smooching Serpent Main Store for a display of the powers of Little Sister:

Smooching Serpents Harvest Moon

Not to be confused with the kiddo game of the same name, Smooching Serpents' Harvest Moon is a serious scare for this Halloween that comes in the form of a scarecrow in the cornfield.

It all starts with a harmless innocent scarecrow... But of course if you prefer a more sinister looks, there are always several scarecrow to choose from and you can even change the color of the eyes and make it glow in terror. Even the cornfield is optional! But this is definitely not the Wizard of Oz!

If you had enable the EXP experience by Smooching Serpent, the scarecrow can perform auto catch once it is armed and you can snare your victim once she is close by and with magic, the scarecrow is replaced by victim. Ok, now let me down.. I am just demonstrating... 

Now that's better. Let me help this poor innocent girl out of her thick wet clothes. There are lots of imitate animated poses for interaction before the real punishment begins.

This is that happen to bad girls and the spanking is one of the cool thing you can do with Harvest Moon. With realistic animation from Smooching Serpents, this spanking under the pale moonlight will never be the same!

There are a lot of other adult animation which you can choose from to enhance you roleplay experience and even the toys are automatically attached when required! If you get lazy, there is even a sequence which you can activate and have the animation automatically transit in a story mode.

Good news, buy fast! The Harvest moon is on a discounted price of only $399L on the marketplace:

Or visit Smooching Serpents store for a "demo" experience:

Smooching Serpent Heatwave

The Heatwave is Smooching Serpent latest addition to this hot summer! It is a surfboard and obviously it is more as well. This could be the best surfboard you can get in SL as it not only support lots of great poses from Smooching Serpent, but also feature support for Forced EXP and RLV, all without the need for poseballs!

The Heatwave surfboard comes loaded with design you can choose from and on top of that, you can also adjust the light, glow as well as gloss on the board as well. This works out of the box with all SL water as well, giving it real float and action sequence. 

Whether you are alone on with a partner, there are poses for all sort of moods. Enjoy some fun splashing of water or a romantic surf with on heatwave. 

The Heatwave is also loaded with realistic action sequence and even if you do not plan on doing anything dirty on the board, there are plenty of great motion captured poses for a sun tan or simple just a cocktail listening to the waves. 

Of course, the most important thing is that this surfboard actually can surf. Find a place with good water and you are on the surf of your life with the real feel of riding the waves without getting actually wet.

The Heatwave is easy to store as well, once you get off, it will be nicely parked vertically and you can either keep it or leave it and come back to it again. And with all the menus and poses, you would expect a lot of prim taken up, but it is only 9 LI!

There are lots of playful moment Kitty has on the Heatwave. Isn't this the best way to cool down in this hot days?

The Heatwave is available on the marketplace at $1199L:

Or see it live in the Smooching Serpent store:


Brii Sexy Witch Hunt

Need one more sexy witch outfit? There are 10 available at the Brii Sexy Witch Hunt at $6L each.

Come grab them and join the dark coven:

The Psycho Pumpkin Hunt

Still want more of a hunt this Halloween, here is another at The Psycho Pumpkin Hunt where you can find all sort of prizes from furnitures to wearables and outfit.

Here are some of the prizes:

And your hints to start:


Wicked Witchy-Ween 3

This is another selected hunt which Kitty had picked up the stuff she like. It may be $1L, but it is much much better to just get those you need. There are lots of fun stuff from outfit to decorations!

Find all the prizes and locations here:

Greatest Fear Hunt

The Greatest Fear hunt has a few nice items good for this Halloween decoration! So Kitty headed over to pick up some selected item based on the hunt prizes page:

Get all the links of the location from here:

Medieval Fantasy Hunt 18

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt is up again for 2018 and this time you will see a lot of items related to moonlight. In fact, even the hunt item is a moon lens.

Kitty did not complete ALL the items because there is an easy way to look at what you want and go for it based on the hunt photos at:

Get all the location links at:


Silent Halloween Hunt 2018

What is the one town that send shivers down your spines? I bet the answer is Silent Hill. Relive you nightmare this Halloween with the new Hunt from The Silent Hill Experience where you will go to familiar places in Silent Hill (imagine the siren and ashes...) and you will meet deadly creatures such as the scissors nurse, well, lucky for Kitty, I think she had misplaced her scissors. Whats more is that there is a quest where you will have to collect 12 photos to reconstruct a important clue where you will find the grand prize! Get the big picture? (Wink, Double Wink)

Finally here after taking a crazy subway that crashed. Everything looks good. No zombies yet. Not even zombies dogs (but trust me, you will meet them!). Alright? Let's move before the fogs comes in...

Aha. A map. Very helpful. Guess Kitty will just take a picture of it with my cellphone. This really looks like the same Silent Hill Kitty visit years ago. I guess old evil never really dies.

Crazy bunnies. Insane Themepark and much more. Get ready for the ride of your lifetime. It's dark? Of course it is! This is Silent Hill, not Sunny Hill! If you want a closer look come join Kitty. Just not too close... You never know if something is truly dead...

While it is not obvious, but you need a HUD to start playing this. In whichever order you receive the notes, you need to find Amy. And she is in the hospital. Find her and you will get your Hunt HUD. From there you will wear the HUD and it will look like this. DO NOT take off the HUD at any point no matter how scare you are. You will need this to claim your prize at the end.

Not very obvious hint:
When in doubt, always go deeper, especially after some good food, watch your steps as you go out of the door or you can be in deep trouble... or not.

The more obvious one:
Listen to the radio instead of looking down on the floor. What are you looking for? Sewer Covers?

Start you hunt today:

Severed Garden Lolita Creepy

It's Halloween soon and have you picked up your outfit? Severed Garden had the Creepy version of Lolita for a while and Kitty feel that it is about time she try it out!

To bring in the whole Halloween feel, the Lolita Creepy is stained with blood from dress to toe! The blood stained dress is a special version of the Lolita out fit which can be purchase separately or if you get the FATPACK, you will have them all including this Creepy edition. Now, what a lonely asylum this is... What? Sisters? I do not see any sisters? Where are they?... 

Here is a close up so you can see the dress in detail. You will also notice the face web also comes with spiders for this special version and the headdress is decorated with dying roses. Perfect for the Halloween. Shhh. What is that sound... Does it come from the morgue? What? Did you see that just opened on its own?...

To top it all, the Lolita Creepy also comes with a special version of the parasol stained with blood. Now, let's join Kitty on the swing, ok? What it is taken, but its just swinging in the wind right? A creepy boy? No, Kitty saw nothing...

The Lolita Creepy can be purchase on the marketplace:

Or visit Severed Garden today for the Lolita Creepy and other great outfit:

AvaGirl Celeste

The Celeste from AvaGirl is a sexy lingerie robe which really stretches the boundary of comfy vs sexy. Although the robes look complex, there is actually only 2 parts mainly. One of which is the long black silky robe and the other part is the mesh body applier.

Everyone deserve some comfortable time on bed, be it reading, or enjoying a snack while watching TV. The applier from Celeste would give you just that. Choose the right applier for your mesh and you will be in the comfortable body fitting lingerie in no time. The unique butterfly wings design on the chest as well as top of the stockings give the simple applier the complexity just enough to balance it. 

If you need to take a small walk in the morning, there is always the option of putting on the robe and you will be ready. This is extremely comfortable looking and the outfit would cover your beautiful body just enough so that it is not indecent. But that certainly did not take away the seductive looks of the outfit.

This is a close up of the butterfly. So are you coming or not? The morning sun won't wait!

You can get the Celeste over at the AvaGirl store at only $149L:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.