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Bare Rose Black Aidoll Mr

The Black Aidoll Mr is the Maitreya version of the black doll like outfit from Bare Rose and it comes with a ribbon choice of Black or Red, together with Bento support for Hem and Fingers.

The outfit is beautifully crafted with complex folds from the headdress all the way to the dress. You will also notice it comes with a match black high stocking as well as boots. This outfit is perfect for any occasion.

Here is a closed up look at the balloon dress and you can notice the details on the long sleeves as well as strings on the high sock. This looks like the perfect assassin outfit too. Turn down the like and you are almost invisible! Especially if you use the Black Ribbon instead.

Because this is made to fit the Maitreya, no matter how you walk or sit, it doesn't give any issues. Look at the seated Kitty. Kitty had show you the Red ribbon for all the photo because it is not only striking, but it is also Kitty's favorite color.

Get your Black Aidoll at Bare Rose :


Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2018

The ninja cats are at it again! The Autumn Treasure Hunt for Kiyomizu had started and it will run until 08 Oct with updates to the hunt list as well.

Currently there are 49 cats to be found! Some shops has more than one and some shops are not ready.

Need help with this hunt? You can refer to Kitty's 2015 guide to get Mr Ghost to help you out!

Start your hunt today:


Bare Rose Nanan C2

The Nanan from Bare Rose is a unique outfit that looks almost like a piece of uniform but still comes with the fun part, including overly long sleeves and a cute sun shaped head piece.

Meet Kitty the train conductor! The outfit comes in 2 versions of the dress and this is the Black version. Notice how long the sleeves are and it is one of the unique part of the dress. Now, who wants to get a ticket to the scene ride?

The Nanan comes with all the parts you see here including the cute pink shoes as well as the leather high boots. This is the C2 version of the Nanan, so make sure you also check out the other versions of it at the Bare Rose Main Store.

The white colored dress seems to give this a even more oriental feel and Kitty really enjoy the looks of it, especially with the black over coat. Now, the train is here? Are you on it? If you want to work with Kitty you will need to get a uniform, I mean get the Nanan from Bare Rose now at:

Bare Rose Fairy of Cattleya

The Fairy of Cattleya from Bare Rose is a flowery outfit and if you ever had a dream of being a fairy this is the dream come true part!

Which fairy doesn't has wings? Definitely not the Fairy of Cattleya because not only is the wing shaped like a giant petal, it is also transparent which you can see clearly from this photo. Can you spot the hidden bunny face? 

The Mr version of the Fairy of Cattleya is made for the Maitreya body, but this comes for other version as well. It is easy to fit on without modification, just a simply applier and wear the AutoHide!

And here is a close up of the outfit where you can see the nice headpiece made of flowers as well as the fairy ears. Those are of course optional, but it comes with the outfit at no additional charges!

Join Kitty among the flowers by getting your own Fairy of Cattleya from Bare Rose main store:


Brii Country Music Life Hunt

Got a guitar, how about getting the whole outfit for some country music? This is your chance to get 10 different outfit from Brii Underground Wear at $6L each.

Here is the LM to start:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.