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Petit Chat Fishbone Set

Normally you will not be carrying around Fishbones, unless it is cute and colorful and it is from Petit Chat!

Before we even take a look at the Fishbone set, here is the HUD which you can clearly see there are earrings and necklace for this and a good spread of colors to go with it.

Here is a close up of the Fishbone in pink and well, darker pink. Kitty just love the cute colors and it is the perfect jewelry for a cat girl right?

And a further view, you can tell that even at this distance the blue Fishbone earrings and Yellow Fishbone necklace with pink strings are clearly visible. Feel like having some fun and not dressed too formal, its time to go fishing!

The Fishbone Set is one sale at a very special event Panic at the Zoo where there are items on sales, actually inside the zoo! Come visit it for a fun day of shopping and animal appreciation:

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