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Moonstar Mondrian Critter Pant Set

The Critter Pants set from Moonstar is all about bring cute little animals around on your wear, but in Mondrian theme!

You have 4 cute little animals to choose from: Rabbit, Owl, Cat and Wolf and it comes with matching pants of different color as well!

What? No pets at the museum! No problem! I brought my own : On my shirt! ISn't the bunny so cute. It looks like it is appreciating the art as well! (Hopefully not because it looks orange like carrot!)

The Owl version has a nice touch as it comes with the dark black pants which is perfect for the night! Hoot Hoot. It is time to sleep. No? Oh the owl does not sleep!

It must be funny seeing Kitty wearing the Cat Mondrian Critter at the window. But this must be the perfect combination right? Notice that all the critters are also fitted with the beautiful palette of the Mondrian!

Take a walk on the wild side with the Wolf Critter Pant set and you must agree the cute animal on the white shirt feel so real and comfortable. Can you hear the howl? Ok, shhhh, this is a museum after all... And howling at painting of beautiful women is definitely rude!

Get into some Mondrian fun, especially with pets on your shirt at the Moonstar booth:

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