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ello Paola

The Paola dress is an interesting dress consisting of a bikini top with a fit dress which comes in 14 colors to choose from for both pieces.

As ello is one of the sponsor at the Dazzle event for August, the theme is Mondrian and of course there is a Mondrian texture for the Paola dress as well. Kitty had tried to mix the Mondrian dress with another textured top to show you how flashy this dress can look, even in the quiet night.

The HUD features all the colors shown from the poster and you get to try them our easily by clicking on the colors from this simple HUD.

There are 3 textured color which you can choose to combine with a plain color to give this really sunny dress life. Isn't this a great wear for a day by the river?

But there is no stopping you from using just plain colors as the Paola dress looks really great with various combinations such as the one above. Plain and simple. Why crack your brain open when you can just simply choose something you like for once?\

The Paola dress is available from the ello booth at the Dazzle event:

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