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ello Jojo

The ello Jojo is another item put on sale at the Dazzle event August and it comes with customizable colors for the top, jeans, straps and chain.

Here is a overall look and you can already tell that the jeans texture is so realistic that you can even feel the fabric on your skin. The top is sexy and hot and perfect for a great sunny day like this!

There are 4 different sections which allow you to customized via the HUD and you do get realistic colors, even for the jeans, which comes in various tones.

The jeans are of great build for the outdoors and best of all, even the light tones does not get stained. That is so cool right? If you like, you can choose from a light color for the top for a cheerful afternoon in the sun. One thing is for sure, you are going to get lots of attention being to hot!

Even if you are just having a casual day, walking or just enjoying some tan, this is the perfect outfit as it is made for the sun! Remember to put on your lotion though! This is one of Kitty's favorite combination of red and black. So are you ready to ride with Kitty?

Look for the ello booth at Dazzle and get your Jojo now! And don't forget the free gift as well!

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