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Cinque Byron Romper

The Bryon Romper from Cinque is another of Cinque creation being put on sale at the Dazzle event. It consists of a changable top with a choice of 6 different texture. This fits almost all known MESH bodies! 
 Here is the little HUD which you can use to make changes toe the Byron Romper easily with a click. Let's check out 3 of Kitty's favorite!

Zebra or not, everyone love roses, especially bright red ones on a black backdrop. This is the perfect dress use to get really close to natural and animals. Kitty has a photo to prove it. The red top is just perfect to get lots of attention! 

If you like something a little more subtle, there is this with lots of spirals on the top and a navy blue shorts to top it all. Casual and fun altogether in a package! Care for a short dance?

There is also this yellow version with the black shorts. This must be one of Kitty's favorite because Kitty really love the contrast of the colors and it is just so natural.

Visit the Dazzle event and look for Cinque booth to buy your own Byron Romper today:

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