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Bare Rose Botanical Tennyo C3

The Botanical Tennyo C3 is another variation of the Botanical Tennyo which Kitty had reviewed last month:

But this time it comes in Black and Yellow. If green is not your thing, then you should consider this version of the Botanical Tennyo!

Here is the full version of the Botanical Tennyo C3. Notice that the petals on the dress is actually transparent which our deer friend here had just demonstrated! Even though the color is black and yellow, it still stand out very much even in a color garden as this.

Here is a close up of the dress and you can see the details of the ring like dress which is really fashionable unique unlike others and there are plenty of flower petals from head to toe. Even the little fairy is attracted to the outfit! 

The outfit is literally fit for a heavenly fairy and the petals just complete the forest like image in a dream like stage. Look at how the petals flies as Kitty wanders about in the wonderland gardens.

You can find not just the C3, but other version of the Botanical Tennyo at the Bare Rose Main Store as well:

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