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Bare Rose Blue Pretty Sailor

The Blue Pretty Sailor Mr is the Maitreya version of this ultimate combination of cuteness, bravery and friendship in a wonderful sailor suit created by Bare Rose. Let's wait no more and head to the harbor to see Kitty in it!

Kitty is going on Harbor Patrol today... Are you coming along? The Black and Blue on the Pretty Sailor is really a good combination and it is perfect for the patrol.

Come on board. Pretty Sailor Kitty is at your service. The blue outfit is matched accordingly with the ribbon on the headdress, the chest as well as the back. There are even a pair of golden hearts to add some love to the already pretty sailor uniform.

From the close up view, you can see the triple layered dress with stagged blue and black. This uniform also feature easy to use Maitreya applier and the famous AutoHide which make putting it on really really simple.

Not joining the navy, no problem, you can still get the Blue Pretty Sailor and join Kitty on her patrol or a walk on the harbor. Grab your Blue Pretty Sailor from Bare Rose today:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.