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Bare Rose Tartan Bard Lady

The Tartan Bard Lady C3 is a fantasy themed mesh outfit from Bare Rose which is a black version of the Tartan Bard and it is best fitted for the sound of music this autumn!

The texture of the Tartan Bard is fantastic detailed from the head to toe. There are 2 Lute you can hold on to, one on the back very much sling and the other held in the hand which comes with a series of poses. Kitty is dancing and playing with the Lute like she is a female version of Slash.

Here you can see the back view of the Lute better and notice the transparency on the split dress. This definitely make Bard Kitty a valuable member of the party, even if she does not have a weapon.

The hat is always optional and can be taken off for a cup of coffee anytime. Here you can see the various decorations on the thigh, kneelcap as well as top dress. The golden silk on the black fabric shines more than ever.

You can find the Tartan Bard Lady at the latest board over at Bare Rose Main Store:

And at a unbelievable price of $190L only!


Petit Chat Daisies

The August Group gift for the Petit Chat Group is a pair of flowery heels named Daisies which comes with a HUD to customize it to a wide range of colors.

There are 3 customizable parts and each comes with about 6 colors. So you get to play around to make combinations.

This is one of Kitty's choices, red and black on different sides and yellow and white flowers. Notice you can even change the bases to different colors if you like.

To get this free, just join the Petit Chat Group:

Visit Petit Chat Store for other promotions to to join at the store for the Daisies Group gift:

Bare Rose Botanical Tennyo C3

The Botanical Tennyo C3 is another variation of the Botanical Tennyo which Kitty had reviewed last month:

But this time it comes in Black and Yellow. If green is not your thing, then you should consider this version of the Botanical Tennyo!

Here is the full version of the Botanical Tennyo C3. Notice that the petals on the dress is actually transparent which our deer friend here had just demonstrated! Even though the color is black and yellow, it still stand out very much even in a color garden as this.

Here is a close up of the dress and you can see the details of the ring like dress which is really fashionable unique unlike others and there are plenty of flower petals from head to toe. Even the little fairy is attracted to the outfit! 

The outfit is literally fit for a heavenly fairy and the petals just complete the forest like image in a dream like stage. Look at how the petals flies as Kitty wanders about in the wonderland gardens.

You can find not just the C3, but other version of the Botanical Tennyo at the Bare Rose Main Store as well:


Bare Rose Blue Pretty Sailor

The Blue Pretty Sailor Mr is the Maitreya version of this ultimate combination of cuteness, bravery and friendship in a wonderful sailor suit created by Bare Rose. Let's wait no more and head to the harbor to see Kitty in it!

Kitty is going on Harbor Patrol today... Are you coming along? The Black and Blue on the Pretty Sailor is really a good combination and it is perfect for the patrol.

Come on board. Pretty Sailor Kitty is at your service. The blue outfit is matched accordingly with the ribbon on the headdress, the chest as well as the back. There are even a pair of golden hearts to add some love to the already pretty sailor uniform.

From the close up view, you can see the triple layered dress with stagged blue and black. This uniform also feature easy to use Maitreya applier and the famous AutoHide which make putting it on really really simple.

Not joining the navy, no problem, you can still get the Blue Pretty Sailor and join Kitty on her patrol or a walk on the harbor. Grab your Blue Pretty Sailor from Bare Rose today:

Bare Rose Jade Lily Ghost

Want to do some haunting of your own, especially on the upcoming Halloween? The Jade Lily Ghost from Bare Rose is exactly the right outfit for that. Kitty will show you on the Maitreya version how to be a great ghost! 

Stranger. Why are you entering the woods at such an hour. Turn back. This is my warning. Yes, if you notice, Kitty's legs is actually hovering above ground (flying). Under the pale moonlight, The Jade Lily Ghost can transform you into the most spooky ghost with the high detail dress and a mysterious veil over your face.

Here is a close up of the Jade colored dress under normal light and you can see the translucent veil give the outfit the really ghastly look. Of course if you prefer to go to a ball dance and not scare everyone off, the veil can be really optional. Now, since Kitty had scared everyone off the library, start looking for that dark forbidden spell book!

You can find the Jade Lily Ghost Mr at Bare Rose Main Store:

Dirty Little Secret Elemental Desire Hunt

There is not too much time left on this hunt, but Kitty completed it anyway, the Female Track anyway, because she has no interest in the Male track items and the $40L requires a lot of $L... :)

Look for this item for the hunt in the various shop, but be careful as there could be multiple items for different tracks.


Preview for some of the prizes:

Brii Enchanted World Hunt

It's time to get some costume for the upcoming Halloween and this is a good chance as Brii Underground Wear has 10 fantasy themed outfit for $6L each (yes, the price had went up AGAIN!). But I guess $6L is still worth it consider the quality of Brii outfit.

You got the whole August to find them:


LR Leather Whip

Once in a while, you might encounter some situation where there is a need for a whip... such as... Maybe someone is pointing a gun at you! Indy proved that whip is always faster. As such, if you want to get a whip, why not get one that actually does some damage? Introducing the LR Leather whip. This is one unique weapon you do not see often!

This looks like a dangerous place! Better keep the whip handy. In fact, its right there by your side when sheathed. Of course, since Kitty is wearing a big dress, she could hide it if she wanted to... But then you wont be able to see it right?

A torture wheel. Seems like a good place to practice whipping! Like usual, this feature a LR very fast draw action and before you know it, you are already dealing some serious damages! Especially when the victim is wearing one of the supported HUD! Talk about realistic RP!

They said discipline must be taught. Sometimes the hard way. Maybe some whipping will change your mind about going against Kitty. Oh looks like a victim is available for some "target practice". I hope he realized this does real damages...

There are a few whips over at LR, but this is the Leather Whip. Fancy anything else? Take your pick:

LR Avenger Shield

This is one shield Kitty is really going to have lots of fun blogging! Why? Because the Avenger Shield is so cute and it even comes with animals faces! As this is a gacha, you will not know what you will get, there are 9 shields in plain colors,but still they comes with a HUD for small changes.

The HUD allow you to make changes to the color, the rim of the shield as well as resizing them to your need!

This is one of Kitty's favorite. Sheathed, the shield sit nicely over your back... Oh no, there is a gorilla running wild, looks like its time for Captain Panda to roll into action!

The shield can be big or small and although it would seems like it is a possible idea to use it as a umbrella, this is more like the time it was lucky to be big as the rhino is about to charge in! 

This is one of the rare from the gacha and it looks like a pig. Maybe the tiger will be confused enough for Kitty to sneak up on it and blok him on the head with... something. Opps. You mean tiger eats piggy? Oh no.... Better make a break for it....

The Avenger Shield will be on sale at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival for one last time. If you like it, get it now before it is gone forever:

Petit Chat Fishbone Set

Normally you will not be carrying around Fishbones, unless it is cute and colorful and it is from Petit Chat!

Before we even take a look at the Fishbone set, here is the HUD which you can clearly see there are earrings and necklace for this and a good spread of colors to go with it.

Here is a close up of the Fishbone in pink and well, darker pink. Kitty just love the cute colors and it is the perfect jewelry for a cat girl right?

And a further view, you can tell that even at this distance the blue Fishbone earrings and Yellow Fishbone necklace with pink strings are clearly visible. Feel like having some fun and not dressed too formal, its time to go fishing!

The Fishbone Set is one sale at a very special event Panic at the Zoo where there are items on sales, actually inside the zoo! Come visit it for a fun day of shopping and animal appreciation:

Petit Chat Cute Balloons

I suppose most of us had the chance to play with a balloon at some point of time and still remember the fun from it. Petit Chat is out to recreate that dream with the latest Cute Balloons collection which features lots and lots of combinations available!

There is no HUD required for the balloons! Just click on it to make changes to the colors! Make the wildest color come alive in the wind. Just make sure you hold on tight to it!

There are 2 main type of balloons, one with the mix colors and this one with a cute face. Does it look lonely, well, it won't be if it has you as a friend!

There are 3 types of strings position to choose from and all of them feel really natural, especially in the photo! Do you want to hold on to it for a little while? 

And why stop at one when you can have 2! The different position all you to hold more balloons too. Just make sure its not too much until your feet lift off the ground!

Grab your Cute Balloons now before they all fly away at the Petit Chat booth at The Chapter Four event:


ello Giselda

ello is one of the sponsor at the Dazzle event and there is a free gift by their booth! The Giselda dress is yours, all you have to be do is to be there!

The Giselda is a black long dress, with high cuttings as there are roses embossed onto the fabric. Kitty can't believe this is actually free!

Just to show you how cool this dress can be and it is very stretchable! Go on, get the dress now or you might regret it!

Visit the ello booth at Dazzle August for this free dress and other great outfit which Kitty had posted:

The booth is at:

ello Jojo

The ello Jojo is another item put on sale at the Dazzle event August and it comes with customizable colors for the top, jeans, straps and chain.

Here is a overall look and you can already tell that the jeans texture is so realistic that you can even feel the fabric on your skin. The top is sexy and hot and perfect for a great sunny day like this!

There are 4 different sections which allow you to customized via the HUD and you do get realistic colors, even for the jeans, which comes in various tones.

The jeans are of great build for the outdoors and best of all, even the light tones does not get stained. That is so cool right? If you like, you can choose from a light color for the top for a cheerful afternoon in the sun. One thing is for sure, you are going to get lots of attention being to hot!

Even if you are just having a casual day, walking or just enjoying some tan, this is the perfect outfit as it is made for the sun! Remember to put on your lotion though! This is one of Kitty's favorite combination of red and black. So are you ready to ride with Kitty?

Look for the ello booth at Dazzle and get your Jojo now! And don't forget the free gift as well!


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.