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Graffitiwear Light 1 Lust Top

The Graffitiwear Lust Top comes with 4 different variations as shown and Kitty had the chance to try out the Light 1 version which consists of 8 brightly cheerful texture to choose from for the top and the sleeve separately.

As you can see the Top and the Sleeves can be configured on its own allowing you to mix and match to your heart's desire.

Kitty is going to try out a pink and blue texture to show that the mixing of color is really entirely up to what you like and there is no definite right or wrong. This is fashion after all.

Sometimes, if you prefer something simple, there are 4 plain colors texture on the HUD allowing you to still have the bright silky touch to the Lust Top. 

Kitty is going to try out one more blue pattern from the HUD. This icy feel can chill down any sun even in the hot summer. The Lust Top is comfortable and is definitely a cooling choice any day in the sun!

You can get the Lust Top in this Light 1 version or any of the other 3 at the Dazzle Event Graffitiwear store:

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