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Bare Rose Ohtsubaki C2Mr

The Ohtsubaki C2 is the second variation of the popular Yukata from Bare Rose and this comes with not only Bento support, but in 3 fantastic colors!

The Purple version is paired with red flowers giving it a perfect fit for the hair accessories which also happens to be a little flowers. Kitty will give you a close up shot later, but notice how this flashy Yukata stands out in the mess of all the flowers and trees? There is also a small purse to go with the Ohtsubaki too!

The skies may be dark, but Kitty is always cheerful in the Blue Ohtsubaki and you can tell that Kitty is having a good time even on her own! The cheerful mix of colors on the Ohtsubaki is enough to brighten the day even without the sun!

There is also the dark Black version of Ohtsubaki and this looks fantastic as it is also covered in bright red flowers which provide the ultimate contrast. Even the crane is not afraid of Kitty because of the cute flowers!

Kitty promised you the close up shot on the hair accessories flowers right? And here it is. Even on its own, this is a fantastic piece. Looks like Kitty is going to have it around for some times, but we all know it is part of the Ohtsubaki C2 from Bare Rose.

Get your own Ohtsubaki C2 and also the wonderful hair accessories:

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