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Bare Rose Ohtsubaki C2Mr

The Ohtsubaki C2 is the second variation of the popular Yukata from Bare Rose and this comes with not only Bento support, but in 3 fantastic colors!

The Purple version is paired with red flowers giving it a perfect fit for the hair accessories which also happens to be a little flowers. Kitty will give you a close up shot later, but notice how this flashy Yukata stands out in the mess of all the flowers and trees? There is also a small purse to go with the Ohtsubaki too!

The skies may be dark, but Kitty is always cheerful in the Blue Ohtsubaki and you can tell that Kitty is having a good time even on her own! The cheerful mix of colors on the Ohtsubaki is enough to brighten the day even without the sun!

There is also the dark Black version of Ohtsubaki and this looks fantastic as it is also covered in bright red flowers which provide the ultimate contrast. Even the crane is not afraid of Kitty because of the cute flowers!

Kitty promised you the close up shot on the hair accessories flowers right? And here it is. Even on its own, this is a fantastic piece. Looks like Kitty is going to have it around for some times, but we all know it is part of the Ohtsubaki C2 from Bare Rose.

Get your own Ohtsubaki C2 and also the wonderful hair accessories:

Bare Rose Botanical Tennyo Mr

The Botanical Tennyo is literally translated to Fauna Heaven Girl. This latest release from Bare Rose is not just going to make you a fairy, but a very flowery one too!

The first thing you will notice is the big ring on the back, similar to many of the Japanese deities, but this is made from beautiful pink flowers. There are also lots of flowers on the outfit, from the stockings, the mini skirt and don't tell me you miss the biggest one here?

The back ribbon is not only huge, but its is actually a huge flower if you look closely here. This is the perfect ribbon for this sacred gown fit for the goddess! But that is not all, the flower is semi translucent as well! Does it look good on Kitty?

There is no better outfit to be in, taking a stroll down the beautiful blossoms! Come grab your Botanical Tennyo from Bare Rose and join Kitty!

Get your Botanical Tennyo from Bare Rose Main Store:

Check out the C2 version in blue too!


Petit Chat Ear Button

The Ear Button from Petit Chat comes in 4 version and a FAT pack including all of them.  It consists of 2 type of seashells, a flower and a cute heart. 

All the version include a HUD which allow you to change the metal as well as the color of the item itself. Can you see that despite the big bright red flowers on Kitty's hair, the little Ear Button Flower is still as eye catching in its light blue shine.

The Heart version is a hollow shaped jewelry which can compliment a pair of earrings if you prefer giving you more choices in your outfit. The beauty of the Ear Button is that is it not too big that it become something too prominent. 

There are 2 version of the Seashell and this is one of them in a light color. Can you hear the sound of the wave from the seashell?

Here is a close up of the second version of the Seashell in light cyan. It does make you want to dig up your mermaid outfit and try it with the Shell Ear Button doesn't it??

Each of the 4 Ear Button is available at the Petit Chat booth at The Chapter Four now at $45L:


LR Vanaheim Axe

This month LR release the Vanaheim Axe at the We Love Roleplay Event. The Vanaheim Axe is a pair of double Axe with has some shield ability, since it can be used to block an attack too!

A close examination of the include HUD, you an tell there are a lot to be customized and you have full control over not just the texture, but the size of the Axe as well. I guess if you make this small enough you can even make a Tomahawk out of this!

Let's have a look at the Axes sheath safely behind you back. There are 2 sheath option, this is the one without the Buckle, but I guess if you are the huge build type, you might love the buckle! One other thing to note is that did you notice that the Axes are in different color? Yes, you can actually customized them separately but wearing them separately and using the HUD on it.

Although the blades are not as huge as you expected from the huge battle axe, rest assure this is sharp and depending on the version, the damage can reach the Great 45%. Ouch right? Hope you are not getting chopped anytime soon?

Here you can have a closer look at the axe and you can see how detail the strings wraps are. Even the dirt (could it be blood stain) can be seen clearly on it. It does feel a lot lighter to Kitty, but definitely not any less slower because this feature great performance like other LR weapons!

Good news because you can get this at 25% off at $450L at the We Love Roleplay event now:

If you missed the event, you can always get this at full price at the LR Weapon Main Store:


Mani Pedi Toes in the Sand

The Toes in the Sand is a selection of nail colors from Mani Pedi that is suited for the theme of the sands and the sea at the Dazzle Event July.

The colors are flashy and even a dark shade such as blue is never dull with the Toes in the Sand selection.

For the more feminine colors such as pink, there is always a place for it especially when Kitty is wearing such a colorful hair, any colors will goes will with it. Which color do you think Kitty will be wearing when you next see her?

The Toes in the Sand is available at the Dazzle July event along with another discounted polish:

Visit the Mani Pedi Main Store for more fantastic nail polish:


Firelight Olivia Jumpsuit

The simple jumpsuit Olivia from Firelight is another item on sale at the Dazzle event and this comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

The first impression of the jumpsuit is the feel of the comfortable fabric and it is well fitted for all casual outings allow you to stretch and jump anyway you like it. It is called a jumpsuit after all!

Here is a break down of the HUD and its available colors if you get the fat pack, otherwise they do come in a pair of 2.

Despite the dark sky, why don't we try something fresh and cheerful such as the magenta Olivia. Kitty is always ready to make a break for it in this jumpsuit should it really rain!

There are a few other colors such as this darker shade of blue which may come in handy in one of those days where bright is not really what you like. Looks like rain might come anytime, maybe you should get yourself a jumpsuit too!

The Olivia Jumpsuit is available at the Dazzle July event at the Firelight booth:

Check out other bargains at the Firelight Main Store:

Firelight Cassie

The Cassie from Firelight is a fabulous looking corset on sale at the Dazzle July event and it comes in 14 shades!

The fat pack will include all 14 colors and other package varies accordingly. Kitty would love to try all but in order to keep the post concise, Kitty will pick 3 of her favorite!

It will never be complete if you have not tried out the Red version of Cassie. It comes in almost all mesh body you can think of and for Kitty, this is her Maitreya which require 0 adjustment! IT fits perfectly. Come, join her as she show you more of this colorful corset with laces.

You can say that this is a dress almost fit for a queen, like in the Victorian times with pretty folds on the mini skirt, zip and strings to tighten the belly and a multi layer vest top on the chest giving it the royal finishing touch! Do you like the Blue version of Cassie? 

Since the HUD includes 14 fantastic colors to choose from, you are not limited to all the bright shades. There is always the Black version of Cassie, this is one of Kitty's favorite. Notice how the detail texture of the dress can be seen even reflecting the light off in the sun shine?

The Cassie is now on sale at the July Dazzle event at $125L per set of 2, or just $350L for the fat pack of all 14! Check it now at the Firelight booth:

Or visit the Firelight Main Store for other great fashion ware:


Graffitiwear Light 1 Lust Top

The Graffitiwear Lust Top comes with 4 different variations as shown and Kitty had the chance to try out the Light 1 version which consists of 8 brightly cheerful texture to choose from for the top and the sleeve separately.

As you can see the Top and the Sleeves can be configured on its own allowing you to mix and match to your heart's desire.

Kitty is going to try out a pink and blue texture to show that the mixing of color is really entirely up to what you like and there is no definite right or wrong. This is fashion after all.

Sometimes, if you prefer something simple, there are 4 plain colors texture on the HUD allowing you to still have the bright silky touch to the Lust Top. 

Kitty is going to try out one more blue pattern from the HUD. This icy feel can chill down any sun even in the hot summer. The Lust Top is comfortable and is definitely a cooling choice any day in the sun!

You can get the Lust Top in this Light 1 version or any of the other 3 at the Dazzle Event Graffitiwear store:

Check out


Magic School Student By Free Dove

Kitty is going to the School of Magic and she can't go without some proper outfit that at least make her looks like a princess. So this is another time she headed off getting free items from Free Dove to make this happen! 

All the item literally from head to toe is from Free Dove and kitty did not even pay a cent for it! So if you want to look like a princess, pay attention now! From the bottom, the pair of D & D Fashions & Design Mesh Nina Boots is perfect as it come with a laces of blinking golden straps over the black leader. This should be both durable and royal looking at the same time.

The Dress is from Lara AC Elf Outfit Amara which comes with a series of item including hair and elf ears, but Kitty only put on the dress here and with the HUD, she magically chooses the red color which she love so much. The chest piece of jewelry is TD Lily Necklace which is a large piece of jewelry nobody will miss. Well, if you are a princess, then you should look like the princess! 

The blueish jewelry set including the armband, choker as well as the beautiful crown is from the Zyn Imperial Lotus Set and these definitely give you the royal looks anytime. There is one more piece of item which Kitty use that is free. Yes, it is the hair from Firelight named Axisia and of course it comes with multiple colors. But from the look of it, it does not feel like a free hair right?

All the mentioned items are available at the Free Dove Main Store for free:

Brii Fairy World Hunt

Brii Underground Wear is having a Fairy World Hunt and there is 10 prizes each at $5L which feature beautiful fairy costumes!

Start your hunt today at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.