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Petit Chat Venus Set Gacha

Petit Chat is having another Gacha at The Secret Affair and since it is a shipwreck theme, Venus is actually a set of outfit made just for the Robinson Crusoe in you!

There are a total of 34 items including 4 complete outfit on this gacha and this is one of the 4 complete outfit including the VJ Shell, Bra and skirt. Kitty feels like she is little mermaid now.

The other items in the gacha consist of other colors of the bra, shell and skirt and you can see that even mix and match can be really pretty if you put your heart to it. Did you notice something different here? Yes, there are also sets of bracelets in the Venus set and you can mix them just like Kitty here if you have more than 1.

Not convinced that the colors mixing can be fun? Try this! Kitty also show you the anklet here which is also in the gacha. There are plenty of item to be tried out.

Feel like taking a dive into the ocean with Kitty? Grab you Venus items at The Secret Affair event:

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