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KittyCatS! 7th Birthday Hunt

KittyCatS! is having a birthday hunt for their 7th Birthday and it is fun little hunt where there are gifts for boys and girls! The good news for the boys is that your gift is there waiting for you without even hunting!

Click on the Blue Cat to get the boys gift and you can hunt around for the 7 pink cakes which marks their 7th Birthday! After which, come back to click on the Red Cat and you will get your girl's gift!

Start the hunt today at KittyCatS!:

Fortuna Earrings Gulabi

Fortuna is one of the store at Dazzle July and the Earrings Gulabi is the featured item in the store. It is a pair of big ringed earrings with 2 gems, one suspended in a rosy frame and the other hanging below. Both of these gems can be customized by one of the 8 colors and the metals comes in 3 colors as well.

The Pink / Red combination is easily one of the girl's favorite. Paired with a black metal, this looks really cool and since the theme for Dazzle July is Island and sand, this seems to be the perfect piece for the trip to the beach!

The HUD is easy to use, customizing the top and bottom gems and metal clearly by one of the displayed texture.

Kitty tries out another combination with Turquoise and Blue and a yellow metal ring. The Gulabi also sparkles very naturally without the use of face light as shown here.

Get the Gulabi at the Dazzle July Event:

Or visit the Fortuna Store at:

Cygnus Designs Mauna Kea Dress

The Mauna Kea Dress from Cygnus Designs is a flowery one shoulder dress with 4 really attractive design build into one package.

The most stunning design Kitty would want to try out is the red version which feature large design of flowers and it is the perfect dress for a sunny day anywhere!

This is another design with flowers of yellow and white and you can tell this is a nice casual dress  which feels comfortable at all times. You can even feel the sea breezes all the way on your shoulder without catching a cold!

There is also a darker version with black backdrop scattered with leaves of green and flaming petals. Is is still a wonderful piece even in bright day light.

The last design is a cyan themed dress with white petals flowers throughout. The shoulder side still would give you plenty of air on your back for the tan as well as the breeze if you are visiting the sea.

Visit the Cygnus Designs booth at the Dazzle Event for this fabulous dress:


Petit Chat Seed of Metal Colored Metal Edition

The group gift for Petit Chat July 2018 is the Seed of Metal, but a special colored metal edition. There are 6 fabulous colors and you can apply them to any of the 4 pieces included.

There are 2 pieces of necklace, one long version and the other is the standard length. You can apply color to them separately as they are individual items. Do you like this Pink and Red combination?

Besides the necklaces there are also a pair of bracelet which you can play with the colors. The pieces can be edited and stretched as well if required. Can you tell which of the bracelet is the original?

Join the Petit Chat Group for the gift:

Visit Petit Chat Main Store for latest update and other goodies:


Smooching Serpents Secretary

Ever feel like you are the boss and you have full control of your secretary, in more than the normal ways? This is your chance to live that fantasy with Smooching Serpents' Secretary! This is a prim table which you can use it as a table and definitely a lot more as it comes with high quality scripts from Smooching Serpents and this is the public piece for the office roleplay.

Let's take a close look at the table and the stuff on it. The main difference the Secretary from other similar furnitures is that the stuff is ACTUALLY useful! On the right, the first time is a clock, which if you clicked on allows you to convert time. This is pretty useful in a world full of people from all over the globe. Next, the table lamp actually could turn on and off. Yes, that was not just a prop! The newspaper includes a magazine and the notebook is... actually a notebook where you can take down notes! Now that is a proper office table.

On the left of the table, the bunch of books are really books which comes free with the table including, Story of O, Days Of Sodom and lots of BDSM Articles. I think that would be lots of reading that can be done.

Now we can talk about the more adult side of the Secretary. The table comes with various option from soft to hard, spanning over the PG side of things including just Office poses of working, meeting, chatting and all for a good office roleplay with or without the adult sections. The adult menu including everything from flirting, spanking to hardcore BDSM with ropes. Here is one of kitty's favorite flirting poses. You want to come and help her with her nail polish or are you just going to stand there?

The opportunity of a spanking on the table is too tempting to pass and the Secretary got that covered complete with the cuffs and bondage if desired. The table act as a perfect punishment rack if it comes to that.

Office romance is not just limited to different sexes, this works perfectly even if you are of the same sex as well! Nothing is really going to stop you from how you want to use the Secretary. Literally.

And as taboo as Office romance is, this is the perfect script for it. Swipe all the stuff onto the floor and just do it! You seen it in the movie, now you live it! I think this is a really fantastic touch!

Bondage or not, the table provides for  a lot of smooth animation for erotic play and plenty of time to not get tired of. There are even a few sequences if you are too lazy to choose!

After a hard day of work or something else, there is always time to just fall back onto the table and sleep like a cat. This doubles as a bed as well if you are  even too lazy to walk over to the bed at the back just like Kitty.

The Secretary is now at $1799L on the marketplace:

Visit Smooching Serpents to try it out:


Glint Cherry Blossom Bracelet & Ring Orange Set

The Cherry Blossom Bracelet and Ring is another piece of jewelry from Glint at the Dazzle Event and it feature the same beautiful flowers as the 2 other items, but this comes in Orange for the metal. 

Here is a good close up of the Orange set of the bracelet and ring. You can clearly see the glitter on the metal as well as the little flowers on the jewelry pieces.

The jewelry are easily fitted for most hands and even with Bento on Kitty, there is no adjustment required. Look at how bright the Orange is, even in the bright sunlight. It definitely radiates rays of joy and happiness!

The Orange Set of the Blossom Bracelet & Ring from Glint is at the Dazzle event this June for only $25L and you get both items:

Glint Cherry Blossom Hair Comb

What can be better than a hair comb is a hair comb with lots of flowers! This is exactly what the Cherry Blossom Hair Comb from Glint is!

The Hair Comb is a simple 1 piece item which is easy to adjust to any hair style with simple move or sometimes, does not even require any at all. It adds lots of pretty flowers to the plain hair anytime!

Be it night or day, the Hair Comb is equally stunning and the flowers seems to be the perfect companion in the good natural anytime. Does anyone know how many flowers are there on the comb?

Check out the Cherry Blossom Hair Comb and other items from Glint at the June Dazzle Event:

Glint Purple Flower Bracelet & Ring

The Purple Flower bracelet & ring from Glint is one of the 2 jewelery being sold at the Dazzle event and this is one price for 2 great piece of item!

One of the first thing you will notice is how well this set of Purple jewelery goes together with another item on sale from Glint - The Cherry Blossom Hair Comb. It has similar flower on both the bracelet and the ring that matches perfectly with the Hair Comb and they shines equally bright even in the board daylight!

The Purple Flower Bracelet and the Ring are separate items so even if you just want to put one of them one it is entirely possible! The jewelry also fits perfectly on mesh body and you can see how well it fit perfectly onto Maitreya here.

You can get the Purple Flower Bracelet & Ring at the June Dazzle event:


AvaGirl Sakura Spirit

The Sakura Spirit is a natural looking tree decoration for you home from AvaGirl and although this is not the latest design, if you had missed it, this is a great chance to pick it up at the Dazzle June event. If you remove the scripts after rezzing it, it will only take 2 LI! That is so amazing! 

Kitty had always wanted to put a sakura tree by her jacuzzi so that she feel a little more like home and enjoy the brushing of the sakura petals in the wind as she enjoy the hot spring water. Do you think it feels like heaven?

The Sakura Spirit is available at the same booth where you can get the other dress at the Dazzle Event:

AvaGirl Sakura Pink

AvaGirl has another dress with the Dazzle June theme and it is the Sakura Pink. It is a simple but dashing dres with a stalk of gorgeous blossom crafted onto the dress.

The SAkura Pink comes fitted for many mesh bodies and in fact there is even a piece named "string" in the box which is essentially the little panty that prevent any unintentional exposure. Aren't you glad you are wearing the Sakura Pink sometimes.

The Sakura Pink can be casual and it is definitely a good choice if you feel a bit oriental for your mesh. It fits perfectly for the Maitreya as shown here and no mater what position you are in, it give you the comfort that there is no fitting issues.

Find the AvaGirl store at the Dazzle event for your Sakura Pink today:

AvaGirl Sakura Blossom

AvaGirl has 3 outfit at the Dazzle June event and Sakura Blossom is one of them!

The Sakura Blossom looks like a oriental simple dress with beautiful little flowers on them as decorations.

The Sakura Blossom comes with a HUD which allow you to change the borders of the dress to one of the 6 colors.

Did you noticed the difference? It's time to go shopping and why not be comfortable at the same time with the Sakura Blossom anyway!

Get your Sakura Blossom from the AvaGirl booth at the Dazzle June event:

Free Dove Mini Hunt June 2018

Another month and yet another hunt at Free Dove! This months bring 3 awesome mini hunts from Caramelo de Fresa, Alli & Ali Designs and Wellmade.

The Alli & Ali Designs mini hunt consits of 10 items and all of which are at the Free Dove Location. What is even more amazing is that ALL of the items are hair. We do know nobody will say no to another good hair!

WellMade features 10 pieces of trendy outfit for girls and there are 6 located in Free Dove and another 4 located at their Main Store. However, the group is required for WellMade to get the remaining 4, but at least it is free.

Caramelo de Fresa has 6 items at the Free Dove location as well. However, the other 4 are non-obtainable at the moment as their Main Store seems to be relocated or closed. Well, at least grab those 6 for now. Kitty will update you when they are up!

Start you Free Dove Mini Hunt today at:

Hint : Click on poster for the LM to their Main Store!


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.