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Petit Chat Marjan Set

The Petit Chat Marjan set consist of bracelets, earrings and a necklace and it is featured as part of the Lost & Found Vintage Market until 18 May 2018.

The little flowery petal on the earrings and the little beads are part of the feature of the Marjan set and you can see the sparkling earrings and necklace which Kitty had customized with the build in HUD.

The bracelet is of similar design and you can also make changes to it using the given HUD which allows around 30 combinations for each of the accessories pieces featured here. For the bracelets and earrings, they can be customized separately for the left and right as they are different pieces.
This is the HUD which makes it possible and you should have some colors for every of your outfit!

The Marjan is available at the Lost and Found events at separate pieces ranging from $50L-$120L or you can get them all at $199L:

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