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Petit Chat Duality Necklace

The Duality Necklace is a set of necklace that comes in two options, the Rubber with Steel or Leather with Copper. Both if which had a good contrast of the chosen material and these are on sales at the Lost and Found fair. 

This is the Rubber with Steel set and it is simple to put on with very little adjustment, fully supporting the latest mesh bodies.

And here is the Leather with Copper. You can easily choose to wear either or even put both of them on at the same time if you prefer. They are separate items. Would you help me with the sandcastle? I can tell you where to buy this as a reward!

Get the Duality at the Lost and Found fair at:

And don't forget you can do the Lost and Found Treasure hunt as well on the same sim:

Petit chat Bianca Dressed Gingham

The Bianca dress is free with the PEtit Chat group gift for this month and this is a special version Gingham which comes with a HUD for you to change it to various colors.

There are a total of 8 colors and Kitty had shown you the Black version in the first picture. The dress is checkered and comes with support for mesh body.

What do you think of the red version? Kitty can't wait to show you how great this would be to spend a day on the sun and the sands with it. And with waters of course, otherwise the desert might actually be what you have in mind!

To join the Petit Chat group:

Visit Petit chat Main Store for plenty of other great freebies and news:

P.S. This might be a secret, but there is another version of Bianca, the knitted version included in the Lost and Found Hunt which Kitty had recored on her diary:

Lost and Found Hunt May 2018

Lost and Found has a hunt over at their fair and there are some really nice prizes to collect. And best of all, its it free for everyone, no groups no fee!

The instruction is simple, find this sign, click on it and follow the trails to 11 stops, getting 7 alphabets. You will need to form the word, but actually there is 2 combinations, but the more common one will work.

Come back to this treasure chest once you got the word and you will get a key which you should hold on to and visit the stores that feature this box. Click on it and with the key, out comes your prizes!

Not every stores has a box and not every clue gives you a letter. Just have fun and enjoy your prizes!

Start your Lost & Found hunt today at:

Bare Rose Wyrmparka Lady Mr

The Wyrmparka Lady from Bare Rose is a new release and it is one very interesting outfit that comes with 2 sets of hood which you can choose whether to out up the dragon head or hang it over your shoulder.

Actually, even the hood itself can be optional if you prefer. Kitty did not mind putting on just the outfit dress without the hood. It is black and comes with the thorns on the dress edges as well as the larges rings on the chest makes this a really bad ass looking outfit great for medieval roleplay and Halloween parties. 

The hood can be left on your back, when it is lowered, but the dragon head can be clearly seen and if you look hard enough, you will even notice that the eyes glows because there is an item for the eyes that makes it burns with fiery red. Trust me you do not want to mess with Kitty, hood on of off.

Put on the hood and Kitty looks like a really savage dragon slayer now. The dragon head is fierce looking and it has the same fiery fury in its eyes, but in the hooded position now. Ready to
 go into the foggy forest now and hunt down that monster with Kitty? Yes, you will need to get yourself the Wyrmparka Lady first.

Get the Wyrmparka Lady or other alternatives at Bare Rose Main Store:


Brii Welcome to the Hot Rio Night Hunt

Brii hunt for May is themed Welcome to the Hot Rio Night and it is really hot with 5 different outfit in various styles and colors in the 26 prizes each costing $3L.

However, if you want a particular prize, it will be purely up to luck to find it though.

Start your Hot Rio Night now at:


Ashmoot DoLLs CoLL

There is also a set of red dress name Dolls at the Ashmoot booth at Dazzle which comes in 2 pieces, excluding the stockings above.

This set comes with a miniskirt as well as a corset set which is in silky red, with black sides. The stockings Kitty had used is the Ling Coll Stockings which can also be purchase at the same booth at Dazzle. 

The red on the Dolls set is striking and especially in a snowy fairy land like this, Kitty is no doubt the center of attraction. Do you want to lie down here... and help Kitty find the damn pea inside these mattresses? 

Head down to the Ashmoot booth at Dazzle today:

Visit the Ashmoot Main Store for more fabulous dress and accessories:

Storax Tree Dazzle May

Storax Tree has a booth at the Dazzle presenting a high quality range of Vagabond furniture. Let's see how would Kitty decorate her little tree house with these furniture!

There are so many items Kitty did not even know where to starts. From the twisted floor lamp which had a unique design to the trunk which doubles as a table. There is also a trunk where kitty might keep some secret inside, but the primary aim is to use it as a side table if the smaller one with the lamp is not enough on the left. There is a cute shelf behind where you can display your cute plants inside a pair of giraffe shaped vase. Lastly, even the windows with a pair of flask and books is from the Vagabond series. What is holding them up.. Hmmp, it has to be magic!

If you think you have seen it all, there are more from the Vagabond series from Storax Tree! An alternative version of the trunk table as well as the solid treasure trunk is seen here, with a giraffe candle stand on it. The sofa itself is comfortable and comes with a series of poses and animations. There is a wall decoration as well, featuring pictures of lots of ancient keys. Kitty wondered if that means something, it got to be a treasure map or something. Wait, you mean there are 3 version of the decoration? Kitty better check all of them out then!

Last but not least, there is a fantastic bird cage with plants, but of course you have to get your own birds, but hte plants are included and it is perfect for the tree house or anyone who doesn't mind some fresh oxygen during the night. An alternative version of the small table with lamp is shown here as well.

Does that trigger the home desinger in you? It's time to check out Storax Tree's booth at Dazzle for all these amazing furnitures:

Ashmoot Babydool Dress

The Babydoll dress from Ashmoot is a silky little dress which is comfortable and in Kitty's opinion a perfect piece of sleep ware.

Whether it is tea time or just a lazy afternoon reading a book, the Babydoll is both cute and relaxing to be in, with no worries for formality and time to let your hair down. The red roses pattern nicely fitting into the cup and silky fabric on your belly, this is what live to wear means!

Of course, if you feel like being sexy, the Babydoll is the perfect piece to be in, as kitty can imagine it being a great piece of bedroom wear. It comes with various sizes and for various mesh body, you will surely find it fitting for your great body!

The Babydoll Kitty tried here is only of of the 8 design, but is on sale at the Dazzle event:

Alternative, check out the other Babydolls at Ashmoot Main Store:


Ashmoot SS CoLL

Ashmoot had release a exclusive SS CoLL which consist of a short top with sleeves as well as a longette for the Dazzle event of May.

The soft wool on the short top is really warm in any weather, the sleeves matching the colors of the longette either #5 or #7 is perfect. This seems like the perfect outfit to be in on a casual day at the train station, with the roses on the top matching that of the summer forest.

If you like, you can even pair the CoLL with the CoLL HK Socks, which is dark in color and it seems to fix perfectly to the outfit. Enjoy a cup of coffee with Kitty? I hope you are not waiting for the outfit to go on sale, because it already is!

The SS CoLL featured here is an exclusive to the Dazzle May event:

Petit Chat Playa Set

The Playa Set is a gacha from Petit Chat which consist of a set of necklaces which comes in 3 parts or if you are lucky, you can get the Triple Necklace which is a Rare item. There is also a pair of bracelets that is rare and is in the same theme as the Playa.

Here is Kitty with the Triple Necklace which you can clearly see the 3 parts separately.

A close up on the necklace, you can see the seashell (which can be changed to other colors, but Kitty like it red anyway) and beads as well as the metal.

And here is the rare bracelet which is designed with similar beads and it has its own HUD of course.

Feeling lucky? Try it at the Petit Chat booth gacha at The Chapter Four:

Petit Chat Playa Anklets

The Playa Anklets are 2 pairs of Anklets which comes either with just sea shells or sea shells with alternative starfishes. This is in fact a free gift at The Chapter Four (with the group active).

Here you can see the white seashells only and the other leg is the mix starfishes and seashells version. Feel free to mix them as required because comes individuals as L and R, thish means your get a total of 4 pieces of item in total.

The HUD included allows you to make changes to the seashells and the metal and you can even tint the strings. See more information in the note card provided. The Starfishes will however, be happy in red though.

Get your free Playa Anklets at The Chapter Four as it celebrates the 5th Anniversary:

P.S. Checkout the Playa Jewelry set too!


Bare Rose Mini Samurai Mr

The Mini Samurai from Bare Rose is an outfit that combines cute and honor together in an awesome outfit for girls of the Feudal Japanese era.

The Mini Samurai combines the traditional samurai armor together with a cute red dress into an outfit perfect for a samurai girl. There is even a sword throw in to complete the outfit!

Is it time to have a fantastic adventure with Samurai Girl Kitty?Looks like a good day today, especially in the Mini Samurai outfit, which is more mobile and less restrictive as compare to a full armor. Let's go!

Looks at the sky, the cloud are so beautiful! This Samurai Girl Kitty from the back view, showing the huge ribbon packed with cuteness on the Mini Samurai outfit. Let's watch the sunset together?

Get your Mini Samurai Armor and join Kitty at the sunset:

Bare Rose Vigilante Lady Mr

The Vigilante Lady Mr is a super hero outfit for the Maitreya from Bare Rose and it is in the fashionable black which is good with the night.

Time to get ready for some action. The outfit comes with all the padding to protect you while in action and there is even a stick weapon for you just in case excessive force is required. 

Looks like someone is in trouble! Time to move out! With the Maitreya Autohide, you will notice that no matter in what challenging poses, the outfit will fit perfectly without gitches. And we can't afford a gitch during action right?

While the Vigilante might not be a police, it is close enough. Now isn't Kitty welled armed and formidable? You should feel safe with her patrolling the street.

Get the Vigilante Lady at Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose Alilove Mr

The Blue Ailove Mr is the Maitreya version of this ultra cute outfit which comes with little hearts all over the dress as well as the collar along with a pair of sweet little wings that will melt your heart,

Even in the heart of snow, there is no lack of warmth from Kitty in the Blue Ailove and can you see how the cute looking boot is suppose to bring fun and laughter even to the coldest night. 

The headdress with little ribbons and heart is rather unique to this outfit. Do you want to join Kitty in her fantasy ride?

Here you can clearly see the little wings, they won't fly, but it can move with the Bento AO included. The snow may be cold, but in the name of love and justice (and the Blue Ailove), Kitty will bring love to this fantasy land.

Get the Blue Ailove from Bare Rose Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.