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Siss Boom Envision

The Envision is the entry from Siss Boom for the Dazzle event and it is a nice piece of white gown that could even double as a wedding dress if you like!

The long dress comes with a big hat which nobody can miss. The main dress comes in 4 tones and this is the Cream version which is very white and... creamy... Vanilla Ice-cream, anyone?

If you like a smaller hat, but still wants the attention, try the smaller size hat and this is how it looks like. The Blush version of Envision is tinted with a light tone of red and it gives it the pinkish feel, just like blushing. 

The Baby Envision is a little darker with shades of gray and for all version of Envision, it comes with a flexi part which you can see here. It will dance with the wind when you twirl around! The flexi part also comes in 2 different sizes.

Here is a close up of the Aqua version which feature a little green in the lacey dress. You can see the petals on the dress are actually 3D and not flattened. Oh, what a strong gust of wind! Luckily kitty is always holding on to the pretty hat with feathers on it!

Find the Envision at the Dazzle Event at:

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