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Free Dove Mini Hunt April 2018

Free Dove is having another hunt for April and this time there are 3 designers as well with 9 items each. But some of the item are found on Free Dove, while others at their home sim.

Free Dove starting point:

Get the notecard for the LMs to their stores.

Kingbal had been in SL for a long time and there have 9 fabulous item including a male item. 

Although the poster had indicated 9 items, Kitty is only able to locate 7 of them from both Free Dove and Witchcraft store. Did someone hide them?

AvaGirl has 5 items at Free Dove, which are free with the Free Dove group, which is also free. However, the remaining 4 at the AvaGirl store requires the AvaGirl group which cost $50L.

Did you manage to find them all?

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