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Ashmoot Cage Dress

The Cage Dress from Ashmoot is another item for sale at the Dazzle event and this is really sweet dress because... there are lots of candy bars from lollipops to sweets on the dress itself!

The dress itself is unique with the candies dress enclosed by a harness with also served as a dress with little studs. That is why this is call the Cage Dress I suppose. It is easy fitting and works right out of the box with Maitreya, but there are lots of other mesh version for other bodies as well.

The back view of the dress is equally stunning with equal sweetness. The ice pops and candies can be even identified from afar and I bet everyone would want to know who this sweet girl would be even from the view behind. Perfect for a sweet fantasy!

The Cage Dress is at the Ashmoot booth at the Dazzle event:

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