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Ashmoot Elettra Bikini

The Elettra is a 2 piece bikini suitable for water fun in this hot summer. This is available at the Ashmoot booth at Dazzle event.

Here is the front view of Kitty in the Elettra at the pool side. The color resembles that of plasma and just the spectrum is already electrifying. 

Here is a back view of Kitty in the Elettra. Actually Kitty start to suspect that the bikini actually changes colors with the light. But no matter what color it is, this is always the right piece for the pool and sea.

The Elettra is sold separately, the top at $69L and slips or bottom at $59L, so you are free to choose if you might just need one piece of it and it can goes with your other swim wear... Or maybe even nude wear!

Anyway, get your Elettra and Kitty will see you at the pool soon:

Asmoot Suzanne

The Suzanne is a sexy piece of lingerie in pure white and it comes either as non-mesh or is simply an applier for Omega, Maitreya and Slink.

The Suzanne features a pair of large white ribbons on the shoulders and is lacey and almost transparent from the chest down. This is the perfect companion for sleeping as it is cooling and comfortable right on bed!

Here is a full front view of the Suzanne lingerie and you can clearly see the high quality white lace on the tummy.

The back view of the Suzanne may be white as snow in this cold weather, but it is definitely hot like fire! Notice also the big ribbons on the shoulder can be clearly seen too.

The Suzanne is on sale at the Dazzle event for only $99L:

Ashmoot Unicorn Fantasy at Dazzle

If you had read the previous post, you would have realized that all the items Kitty had tried out was from Ashmoot and in promotion at the Dazzle fair April. So Kitty is going to pick up a few of the items and piece them together to show you what cuteness overload means!

The tight dress features a pink hair unicorn in black and it is accompanied by the HK socks and heels both from Ashmoot. There are 2 versions of the high socks on sales, this one comes in black and pink alternatives, but the heels are in sweet pink. Kitty also put on the Bow & Beads necklace which also available at the Dazzle fair as well and last but not least, thje cute plushie Unicorn Peluche, which comes in a pack of fours for various positions.

Right here, Kitty has the other version of the HK Socks and Heels, which comes in pink high socks with a slightly different white heels. In addition, she had put on a nice hat with a pink bow, which is actually the ASmoot Unisex Bowler Hat. You can find all of it from the Dazzle boot has well.

And here is a close up shot where you can see the Bow & Beads necklace, in pure white as snow. There is also a full set of Cupid Wings & Bow on sale at Ashmoot booth and Kitty feel so angelic today with the starry light and cute unicorn around here.

All these is not just a drea! You can make it happen. Just drop by at the Ashmoot booth at Dazzle to check out the promotional items:

Ashmoot Cage Dress

The Cage Dress from Ashmoot is another item for sale at the Dazzle event and this is really sweet dress because... there are lots of candy bars from lollipops to sweets on the dress itself!

The dress itself is unique with the candies dress enclosed by a harness with also served as a dress with little studs. That is why this is call the Cage Dress I suppose. It is easy fitting and works right out of the box with Maitreya, but there are lots of other mesh version for other bodies as well.

The back view of the dress is equally stunning with equal sweetness. The ice pops and candies can be even identified from afar and I bet everyone would want to know who this sweet girl would be even from the view behind. Perfect for a sweet fantasy!

The Cage Dress is at the Ashmoot booth at the Dazzle event:

AsHmOot S/S Coll Sack MDress Sky

The S/S Coll Sack MDress from Ashmoot is an exclusive item for the Dazzle event. It comes in a blue + gteen combinations of colors and it radiates with sense of cooling. Perfect for a day at the seaside!

Let's see Kitty in the Coll Sack Dress and you can feel the cool breeze just from the color itself even though it is the night time. The random cast of clouds on the dress just make you want to relax.

And here is a picture of the back of the dress. It just fits so perfectly without any modifications and it comes with support for all sort of mesh including Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Venus to name a few. The dress is named sky for a good reason and the cloud looks even better than those on the sky.

Remember this is an exclusive item for the Dazzle event, so get it now at:


Bare Rose Salolita

The Salolita is a new release from Bare Rose and Kitty here has the Mr version which is for the Maitreya body. The outfit comes in pink and red and everything from top to toe are included.

The pink Salolita is just too cute not to start with and it comes with matching high wool socks as well as black little shoes. The outer piece of the dress is buckled, almost like an apron and it has a tiny little heart on the chest, right where the helpful pocket is. I wonder if Kitty keeps her snacks there...

If you are feeling that today should be red, the Salolita in red is almost like little red riding hood, without the hood and not so little. The laces on the dress and sleeves are still white, but the outter piece, the socks and ribbons on the arms are also in matching red.

The high dress is cute and fun and here is a back view of the outfit and you can clearly see the strings of ribbon on the arm and the wrist here. There are also matching appliers for Maitreya and like other Mr products from Bare Rose, the AutoHide for Maitreya is just one wearing away.

And Kitty always love to mess around. Since the dress comes in a few pieces, nobody said you cannot mix and match them around. Look at this effect which kitty has some part of the dress in pink and the ribbons too! This looks like it has the best of both colors, right?

Get your own Salolita from Bare Rose and check out other versions too:


Petit Chat Fannette Sun Hat

The Fannette Sun Hat is another new hat from Petit Chat that is so cute with all the flowers and petals over it.

There are several parts that HUD allows you to change and you can definitely make it into any fancy colors that you like. So, Kitty is going to try something crazy, but it probably will still looks very cheerful...

Pink and Red will never go wrong with the Fannette Sun Hat especially in the nice bloom of the cherry trees. I bet you cannot tell the real petals from the one on the hat!

The Fannette Hat feels like a large flower on its own and you can make small changes to it such as the little petals on the rows of flower, yellow perhaps? They look really cute like little sun flowers standing in line for a cheerful dance.

Come get your very own Fannette Sun Hat at the Petit Chat Main Store:

Petit Chat Group Gift Aztec Sandal

The group gift for Petit Chat for 15 March 2018 to 15 April 2018 is a pair of Aztec Sandals limited edition. 

Even among a thick layer of grass, the cute and bright pink of the sandals still can be seen clearly and this sandals has fitting for Maitreya and Slink as well as normal flat feet.

Here is a another shot of the sandals from the front. Do you like the spring pink edition?

The included HUD allows you to customize the straps and sole colors... What color do you think Kitty will like?

Did you imagine this? This is quite different from the pinkish look right? Perfect for a walk by the water front!

You can get this by joining the Petit Chat Group:

Or visit Petit Chat Main Store and join on premise:

Petit Chat Initials Bracelet

The Initials Bracelet from Petit Chat just bring Bracelet customization to the next level as you can actually change the initials on the bracelet. There are a total of 2 letters and 2 symbols for you to play with and what's more, there are a few colors to choose from for the main bracelet!

Kitty tries out a yellow with her initials on it. Do you like it? A you can see there are quite some symbols you can use including cute symbols like the heart shape!

Here is a zoomed out of the orange. It looks good too! Can you see the letters? Hehe, this is a mini eye test!

The Initials Bracelet is available at The Chapter Four event now at:

Unique Silk Fantasy

The Silk Fantasy from Unique comes in 3 bright colors : Teal, Gold and Red and they are available at the Dazzle event!

Kitty can't wait to try out Red because it is one of her favorite color and look who's the prettiest girl at the party? The dress fits Maitreya which is what Kitty is wearing now and you can feel the smooth silky flow of the material as Kitty is jumping in joy. Wait, hasn't Kitty just had her birthday in January? Oops, busted. :P

Let me present the... No, its not the coffee shop! Kitty just happened to be here. But it is so bright you must have notice the Gold ~ Shiny ~ Silky and it looks very expensive (but it is not really) Silk Fantasy dress from Unique. The good thing is that is looks grand, but still great and comfortable to go for a cup of coffee. Enough starring... Are you going to order or not? Of course you are paying! 

Teal is a cool color and Kitty love to be in a cool dress at the pool even if she is not swimming. The Silk Fantasy is kind of waterproof in fact and it is a nice feeling to be relaxing at the pool, enjoying the breeze for once, not in a tight swimsuit. 

Get your fantasy realized at the Dazzle event :

Brii Rock is my Style Hunt 3


Brii is holding another hunt for April and this time Rock is the theme! The Rock is my Style Hunt 3 runs for the whole month of April 2018 and there are 21 items to be found! 

Looking at the wall of wonderful prizes and each prize is only $3L. This is a good chance to get those nice rock outfit for your parties!

For this month, Kitty will try out one of the prize. The Hel outfit in black and leather!

What do you think? Want to rock and roll with Kitty?

Start you hunt today at Brii Main Store:


LR Saxon Crossbow

It is another exciting month and another new dangerous weapon from LR. This month is an awesome crossbow, fit for hunting vampires, werewolves and other humans alike.

Meet Kitty the white huntress. With the trusted Saxon Crossbow safely secured to her back and a full pack of crossbow bolts, she is investigating a village haunted by some unknown forces...

A weird magical sign over the asylum certainly spells trouble. But it would be a lot safer when you have the Saxon Crossbow with you. With the quick draw by simply assigning a quick key to the "Draw Crossbow" action included in the package, Kitty is able to pull out the Saxon Crossword in 0.67 seconds. And she is going in...

Like most other LR weapons new release, the Saxon Crossbow comes with its own HUD which allow you to change both the color and the size of the crossbow. 

With the Saxon Crossbow drawn, it is light enough for most build and in face if Kitty can carry it with one hand, you should be able to. Kitty is wondering if she should have bought along a silver shield too... Just in case. But of course the free hand can help reload the crossbow much faster.

The quiver carrying the arrows bolts for the crossbow seats securely on the upper thigh of your leg and it is designed to stay firmly locked so thay you can do squads or make jumps without losing your ammo. Oh, did I mentioned that this is a magic quiver, the ammo never runs out (* unless the sims has some weird meter which limits you otherwise).

At We Love Roleplay event, you can get the Saxon Crossbow at 25% off now:

If you miss the event, you can always find this later at the LR Weapons Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.