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WellMade Duana Dress

The Duana Dress from WellMade is another designer at the Dazzle event for March and Duana is also a Zebra themed dress with a choice of 5 different texture using the HUD provided.

It is time to embrace the wild side of your life by looking sexy and truly primal with the Duana dress. The V-cutting in the center also split the dress into two, stopping just over the belly button. The zebra texture feels shiny and smooth almost as if it is rubber, but definitely a looker in great lights.

The zebra texture is so life like that Kitty has no issues getting close and into a herd of Zebras here. I think they might even think that Kitty is one of their own! But the dress is great for all occasion and not just for safari, of course.

Get your very own Duana Dress at the Dazzle event today at only $140L:

P.S. There are also 2 other dress from WellMade which are not zebra themed on sales at the event too!

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