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Smooching Spider

The Smooching Spider from Smooching Serpent adds to the nightmare of any arachnophobia and in a rather sexy style if this must be. The spider can either be friendly or your worse enemy if you are not careful. Equipped with RLV capture and a huge array of options from monster attack, solo, couples and even 3some, this is one of the most unique furniture you can find in SL.

With just a prim of 10, the spider can be rezzed with various options giving it multiple textures and in fact ,you can even rez it as a ride. Kitty is standing right in front of the monster to give you the sizing in perspective. Nobody said it is a small spider. 

Kitty mentioned that there are lots of monster action and this is one of the most unique feature of this furniture. In fact, to double up the fun, you can even summon up to 2 spiders giving you a real taste of sandwich. The animation is incredibly life like though. If you have nightmares with spiders, this might be the chance you want to overcome the fear.

There are a lot of hot actions available on the spider, beside the spider and all over it in fact giving you access from solo to couple and to even 3some. Bad people can really do bad things around the huge spider I suppose. But the fun is you never know when the spider might strike back.

Beside the hardcore stuff, the spider can be your most precious protector and friend if you know how to. Actually, its more like knowing how to use the menu. There are lots of solo relaxing and fun menu which you can interact with the spider in a non-intrusive way as well.

If bondage is your thing, what better way is there to let the spider do the bonding with all its sticky web. I am sure it would take a lot to escape this, if it is even possible. Let the spider do the catching and you get to literally feed on the victim.

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