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Prism Zeline Swing Dress

The Zeline Swing Dress from Prism is the latest release for the Dazzle Event and it has something that is in theme with the current month at Dazzle - Zebras!

Kitty figures that there is no better place to have the photo shoot at the safari with real zebras and this is her lucky day! Look at how the Serengeti version in bright yellow with lots of zebras on it matches up with a white top and turquoises waist belt. It is so stunning that the real zebras are attracted to it naturally. 

The Sunrise version comes with zebras that covers the whole dress from top to bottom and naturally it is in red because that is how a sunrise should be. It matches up with a black waist belt which are the 2 favorite colors of Kitty!

Another very clever color combination is the Black version which combines with yellow, giving it a very striking contrast. If you look closer, you will notice that these zebras are a close feature of the head, which is rather cute actually.

There are 2 other designer for the Zeline Swing Dress, each sold at L$199, so go check it out at the Dazzle Event at:

Visit Prism for other quality dresses as well:

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