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Petit Chat Rhiannon Necklace

The Rhiannon Necklace is a fantasy themed necklace which carries a symbols that looks like a rune from ancients times. The Rhiannon Necklace is magically featured at The Fantasy Collective as well.

The Necklace is not too huge and it just sit nicely on your chest whether or not you are in a fantasy themed outfit. As here, the necklace looks perfectly fine even with a modern outfit. I am sure it would looks great on a medieval one as well.

The HUD allows you to change the 3 different components of the necklace to a set of 6 different colors. It should have something for any outfit.

Well, who knows. The mystical medallion on the necklace could actually unlock some secret treasure some day. So it is best to keep it close and keep it safe for now.

You can get you very own magicall Rhiannon Necklace at The Fantasy Collective event which run now until end of the month:

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