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Petit Chat Leila Set

The Petit Chat Leila is a fun and cheerful set of jewelry in soft cotton candle type of colors consisting of pink, cyan, yellow and everything fun!

Can you spot the components of the Leila set? There are 3 items : Bracelet, Necklaces and a pair of earrings. They are not too flashy and blend well in most casual occasions. 

A close up of the Necklace and the Earrings will show the cute little sphere which jingles almost like the ornaments on a Christmas tree. It can be customized using a HUD to give you a variety of colors combinations.

The Bracelet only comes with the left hand and it carries the signature sphere of cuteness just like the other parts of the jewelry set. It can be mistaken for a hair band though, because it looks simply so cute it would looks well on your hair as well.

The necklace actually comes with two option and this is option B which looks quite different from the one before. Instead of a single sphere, you have a chain of beans and they too can be customized to different colors using the same HUD. Of course you can wear one or the other or even both together, depending on your mood and style.

The Leila set is available at The Chapter Four event, right in the deepest corner of the event:

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