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Petit Chat Atlas Cuffs

The Atlas Cuffs from Petit Chat is a pair of beautiful large leather cuffs with customizable dots on it.  And the best thing is : This is a Free Gift!
The HUD allows you to change the 3 parts of the cuffs and you have 6 colors to choose from, giving you a combinations of a lot of colors.

Having the leather in black and dots in yellow is one of Kitty's new favorite. Can you see that this just magically made the cuff feels like a part of her dress now!

There are more than one color to fit everyone, so Kitty tries on the red leather with yellow dots here. See how it now blends in with the rug instead! Although this is a free gift, it has so much application to match your other outfits!

You will need to be in the Petit Chat group though. Get your group gift at:

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