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Petit Chat Poppy

The Poppy Set from Petit Chat is based on the beautiful Poppy flower and it comes with a pair of earrings, a pair of bracelets and a necklace all centered on the red flower.

Each of the Poppy jewelry comes wiht its own HUD allowing you to customized the strings and the metal in a variety of colors. The flower will remain the same in its crimson red, or otherwise it would not be called the Poppy flower right?

Kitty is first going to show you the nice necklace which is simple and elegant, with the poppy flower right in the middle. It does, however, create a certain appetite to want to take a munch out of it? No? Maybe that is only a neko thing...

The Earrings are similar with the flower as the center piece and it is just petite enough to be cute and bright. You can customized this separately for the left and right because they are different pieces.

The Bracelets feels almost like a watch. I bet you are looking hard to whether there are hour and minutes hands on it. Well, maybe in the future, for now, it is just the Poppy flowers with petals on it.

The Poppy set is available as a full set of individual pieces at the Whimsical Event at:

It won't last forever though. The event will end at 18th March 2018.

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