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LR Mykonos Sword

The Mykonos Sword from LR Weapons is a high customizable sword with 7 parts and it comes with a large shield as well to protect you from any nasty surprises. 
From the HUD, you can see that beside the standard resizing and grey colors, you can choose to have the various parts of the sword colored up to your likely as well.

Is that a giant turtle thatis hidden inside its shell? Of course not, that is the Mykonos Shield when sheath. Beside of its size, it is perfect for the Roman turtle formation during an attack. OF course, if you are strong enough to carry it over your head, it can even be used as an umbrella because it is that big. Well, which Roman shield is not?

The Mykonos Sword is made to match the Roman Imperial design and is normally length between a long sword and a short sword, but you had seen the resize HUD, so you can make it to be any length you like. It features all the high tech LR technology which always put your fight to advantage!

With linked draw and sheath, you do not need to actually do that separately for the sword and the shield if you do not want to. One quick command and you are ready to spring into action! Kitty is ready to defend the ceremony with the awesome Mykonos. Are you?

The great news is that for the month of March, you can purchase this sword and shield set at a discount of 25% at the We Love Roleplay event:

After which, you will need to head down to LR Main Store for the full price:

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