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LR Astraeus Klaive

The Astraeus Klaive is the latest addition to LR Weapons and it is featured in the We Love Roleplay event. The Klaive itself comes with 4 damage version including spear, polearm and 2 variations of klaives. The blade on the Astraeus is sharp and it features hook like cutting damage. It looks very painful no matters what damage it does.

The Astraeus comes with its own HUD for resizing and modifying the colors of the spear. While mostly overlook, actually this comes with the standard features such as ladder, grapple from the LR weapons HUD.

I heard there is a monster here, so I brought a huge shield. If there is a shild big enough for the job, it is the Astraeus Shield that comes with the Klaive. Look at how big it is when sheath on Kitty's back. 

The first impression of this weapon is that it almost look like a harpoon. And true enough it would function as one. Given the length of the handle, it would allow Kitty to battle vicious sea monsters from boats and the shield would act as a protection against the assault. The knife like blade will cut through most disgusting sea creatures such as monster squids, so it the Romans had sailed with this, it is good enough for anyone at sea.

The Astraeus Klaive sheath nicely on the back together with the shield, but of course you are free to hold on to it even while seated. The long weapon will ensure whoever tried to come close, it will give you the upper hand and we all know how a nasty cut from it is going to look. Bad.

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