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Enigma Apparel Leticia

The Leticia is a new mesh dress from Enigma featured at the Dazzle event for March and since it is a zebra themed month, Leticia has a nice little vest with zebra texture on it. This dress also comes with a HUD, so there are some variations possible.
The HUD allows you to make changes to 3 different part of the dress, the top, the skirt and the strap. There is a total of 72 combinations possible with just 1 purchase.

There is no better outfit to be in on a day at the safari with the zebras in the Leticia. This is a darker version which Kitty had chosen from the HUD and it feels natural enough that the zebra even feels she is one of their own. Notice the pair of shoe, well, even that comes with the outfit so it is a complete top to toe set, but of course if you prefer other shoes, this is optional.

If you prefer a lighter tone, it is definitely possible. A whiter top looks exactly like the zebra's very own with a light cloud skirt is definitely the way to get some attention. In this case, maybe even a bit too much since the zebra here seems so totally into Kitty.

Get the Leticia at the Dazzle event today at only L$99:

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