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Bare Rose Mini Sailor Mr

The Mini Sailor from Bare Rose is a cute looking version of the sailor uniform found typically in Japanese schools and it is a 2 part outfit with a top and dress separated with a display of the sexy belly. 

Whether it is casual or school life, the Mini Sailor is the perfect outfit for the great summer holidays! The Mini Sailor comes with variations in red or blue. The blue version is the typical type and this is almost as Sailormoon as it can get.

Complete with stockings, shoes, huge ribbon on the chest and more ribbons for your hair, this really does bring back high school memories right? And the best part about the Mr edition for the Maitreya. there is a AutoHide item where all you need to do is to wear it and it will fit it perfectly for your Maitreya body!

Here is a closer view of the huge ribbon and Kitty is wearing the red version now and the ribbon is even more striking against her black hair.

You will find the Mini Sailor at Bare Rose Main Store:

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