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Bare Rose Harmin Mr

The Harmin from Bare Rose is the latest school uniform fashion release and it is a formal looking uniform which comes with some colors choices.

Black and red is always Kitty's favorite and the Harmin has exactly that. The black uniforms comes with tall socks, a long sleeved overcoat and a nice red tie on the top. Did you also notice the ribbon her hair? Yes, that is part of the outfit!

Even among the white little daisies, Kitty in black is still looking fun and good. I guess it won't be too good with hide and seek with the black now, but Kitty is sure enjoying a lazy weekend among the flowers.

The sleeves and stockings actually comes with a very detail pattern embroised onto it and it give the uniform a very royal feel. Here you can see the red tie in close details and even from the look, you can tell it is smooth like silk.

There are some variations of color that comes together with the outfit, such as white tie and white skirt. This definitely give the outfit some choices to be different for different occasions. The white skirt seems to be the best formal dress to be in for the afternoon tea. What? I looked like the waitress? No way!

Get your very own Harmin today at the Bare Rose Main Store:

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Bare Rose Mini Sailor Mr

The Mini Sailor from Bare Rose is a cute looking version of the sailor uniform found typically in Japanese schools and it is a 2 part outfit with a top and dress separated with a display of the sexy belly. 

Whether it is casual or school life, the Mini Sailor is the perfect outfit for the great summer holidays! The Mini Sailor comes with variations in red or blue. The blue version is the typical type and this is almost as Sailormoon as it can get.

Complete with stockings, shoes, huge ribbon on the chest and more ribbons for your hair, this really does bring back high school memories right? And the best part about the Mr edition for the Maitreya. there is a AutoHide item where all you need to do is to wear it and it will fit it perfectly for your Maitreya body!

Here is a closer view of the huge ribbon and Kitty is wearing the red version now and the ribbon is even more striking against her black hair.

You will find the Mini Sailor at Bare Rose Main Store:


WellMade Duana Dress

The Duana Dress from WellMade is another designer at the Dazzle event for March and Duana is also a Zebra themed dress with a choice of 5 different texture using the HUD provided.

It is time to embrace the wild side of your life by looking sexy and truly primal with the Duana dress. The V-cutting in the center also split the dress into two, stopping just over the belly button. The zebra texture feels shiny and smooth almost as if it is rubber, but definitely a looker in great lights.

The zebra texture is so life like that Kitty has no issues getting close and into a herd of Zebras here. I think they might even think that Kitty is one of their own! But the dress is great for all occasion and not just for safari, of course.

Get your very own Duana Dress at the Dazzle event today at only $140L:

P.S. There are also 2 other dress from WellMade which are not zebra themed on sales at the event too!


Bare Rose Kozato Mr

The Kozato Mr from Bare Rose is a new release that is a cross between a fairy and a oriental deity. The Mr version is for Maitreya and like other Mr outfit from Bare Rose, there is a AutoHide function where all you need to do is to wear that item and your Maitreya alpha will automatically hide  enough to make the outfit perfect.

The outfit feels very Chinese or Japanese and notice the hair here with the butterfly extension, that actually comes with the outfit. All you need is a matching black hair. Notice how natural it looks as if they are from the same piece.

The Fairy like wings is unique and it is hollow like a frame made from gold. Notice how the robes seems to fly in the wind, this is exactly the feel the outfit is made to be. What are these shiny lights, even the wisps of the forest are attracted to Kozato Kitty?

The long socks with a golden ribbon almost made it feel like it is part of a Christmas outfit, if you did not saw the rest of the Kozato, but the scandal is definitely something very oriental which you won't expect to see a Santa or Santarina wearing anytime soon. The outfit over feels like a fairy of the flowers with a purple rose on the belt and a skirt that feels like petals of a flower.

Get you very own Kozato from Bare Rose Main Store today while it is hot:


Bare Rose Isabel C4SRMr

Its Saint Patrick's Day soon and everyone is into green now! The Isabel C4SRMr from Bare Rose is exactly the outfit for the festival!

The most prominent part of Isabel is perhaps the huge Shamrock which is almost like an umbrella and nobody say you cannot use it as an umbrella actually. The Isabel itself is a long dress fully made for the Mesh body, but you will find the parts for the non-mesh body as well inside the package.

The back view has something which is typical of Bare Rose's outfit and it is one of the greatest selling point. A huge ribbon! Who doesn't love a huge ribbon? Especially when this one is laced with golden threads which make the Isabel feel so noble

Here is a bonus picture of Kitty in the Isabel under the moonlight. Do you want to share the Shamrock of luck with Kitty?

You can find your luck today with the Isabel outfit at Bare Rose Main Store at only $190L:

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Enigma Apparel Leticia

The Leticia is a new mesh dress from Enigma featured at the Dazzle event for March and since it is a zebra themed month, Leticia has a nice little vest with zebra texture on it. This dress also comes with a HUD, so there are some variations possible.
The HUD allows you to make changes to 3 different part of the dress, the top, the skirt and the strap. There is a total of 72 combinations possible with just 1 purchase.

There is no better outfit to be in on a day at the safari with the zebras in the Leticia. This is a darker version which Kitty had chosen from the HUD and it feels natural enough that the zebra even feels she is one of their own. Notice the pair of shoe, well, even that comes with the outfit so it is a complete top to toe set, but of course if you prefer other shoes, this is optional.

If you prefer a lighter tone, it is definitely possible. A whiter top looks exactly like the zebra's very own with a light cloud skirt is definitely the way to get some attention. In this case, maybe even a bit too much since the zebra here seems so totally into Kitty.

Get the Leticia at the Dazzle event today at only L$99:


Petit Chat Rhiannon Necklace

The Rhiannon Necklace is a fantasy themed necklace which carries a symbols that looks like a rune from ancients times. The Rhiannon Necklace is magically featured at The Fantasy Collective as well.

The Necklace is not too huge and it just sit nicely on your chest whether or not you are in a fantasy themed outfit. As here, the necklace looks perfectly fine even with a modern outfit. I am sure it would looks great on a medieval one as well.

The HUD allows you to change the 3 different components of the necklace to a set of 6 different colors. It should have something for any outfit.

Well, who knows. The mystical medallion on the necklace could actually unlock some secret treasure some day. So it is best to keep it close and keep it safe for now.

You can get you very own magicall Rhiannon Necklace at The Fantasy Collective event which run now until end of the month:

Petit Chat Leila Set

The Petit Chat Leila is a fun and cheerful set of jewelry in soft cotton candle type of colors consisting of pink, cyan, yellow and everything fun!

Can you spot the components of the Leila set? There are 3 items : Bracelet, Necklaces and a pair of earrings. They are not too flashy and blend well in most casual occasions. 

A close up of the Necklace and the Earrings will show the cute little sphere which jingles almost like the ornaments on a Christmas tree. It can be customized using a HUD to give you a variety of colors combinations.

The Bracelet only comes with the left hand and it carries the signature sphere of cuteness just like the other parts of the jewelry set. It can be mistaken for a hair band though, because it looks simply so cute it would looks well on your hair as well.

The necklace actually comes with two option and this is option B which looks quite different from the one before. Instead of a single sphere, you have a chain of beans and they too can be customized to different colors using the same HUD. Of course you can wear one or the other or even both together, depending on your mood and style.

The Leila set is available at The Chapter Four event, right in the deepest corner of the event:


LR Mykonos Sword

The Mykonos Sword from LR Weapons is a high customizable sword with 7 parts and it comes with a large shield as well to protect you from any nasty surprises. 
From the HUD, you can see that beside the standard resizing and grey colors, you can choose to have the various parts of the sword colored up to your likely as well.

Is that a giant turtle thatis hidden inside its shell? Of course not, that is the Mykonos Shield when sheath. Beside of its size, it is perfect for the Roman turtle formation during an attack. OF course, if you are strong enough to carry it over your head, it can even be used as an umbrella because it is that big. Well, which Roman shield is not?

The Mykonos Sword is made to match the Roman Imperial design and is normally length between a long sword and a short sword, but you had seen the resize HUD, so you can make it to be any length you like. It features all the high tech LR technology which always put your fight to advantage!

With linked draw and sheath, you do not need to actually do that separately for the sword and the shield if you do not want to. One quick command and you are ready to spring into action! Kitty is ready to defend the ceremony with the awesome Mykonos. Are you?

The great news is that for the month of March, you can purchase this sword and shield set at a discount of 25% at the We Love Roleplay event:

After which, you will need to head down to LR Main Store for the full price:


Smooching Spider

The Smooching Spider from Smooching Serpent adds to the nightmare of any arachnophobia and in a rather sexy style if this must be. The spider can either be friendly or your worse enemy if you are not careful. Equipped with RLV capture and a huge array of options from monster attack, solo, couples and even 3some, this is one of the most unique furniture you can find in SL.

With just a prim of 10, the spider can be rezzed with various options giving it multiple textures and in fact ,you can even rez it as a ride. Kitty is standing right in front of the monster to give you the sizing in perspective. Nobody said it is a small spider. 

Kitty mentioned that there are lots of monster action and this is one of the most unique feature of this furniture. In fact, to double up the fun, you can even summon up to 2 spiders giving you a real taste of sandwich. The animation is incredibly life like though. If you have nightmares with spiders, this might be the chance you want to overcome the fear.

There are a lot of hot actions available on the spider, beside the spider and all over it in fact giving you access from solo to couple and to even 3some. Bad people can really do bad things around the huge spider I suppose. But the fun is you never know when the spider might strike back.

Beside the hardcore stuff, the spider can be your most precious protector and friend if you know how to. Actually, its more like knowing how to use the menu. There are lots of solo relaxing and fun menu which you can interact with the spider in a non-intrusive way as well.

If bondage is your thing, what better way is there to let the spider do the bonding with all its sticky web. I am sure it would take a lot to escape this, if it is even possible. Let the spider do the catching and you get to literally feed on the victim.

Get the Smooching Spider from Marketplace:

Or visit Smooching Serpents for more dangerous devices:

LR Astraeus Klaive

The Astraeus Klaive is the latest addition to LR Weapons and it is featured in the We Love Roleplay event. The Klaive itself comes with 4 damage version including spear, polearm and 2 variations of klaives. The blade on the Astraeus is sharp and it features hook like cutting damage. It looks very painful no matters what damage it does.

The Astraeus comes with its own HUD for resizing and modifying the colors of the spear. While mostly overlook, actually this comes with the standard features such as ladder, grapple from the LR weapons HUD.

I heard there is a monster here, so I brought a huge shield. If there is a shild big enough for the job, it is the Astraeus Shield that comes with the Klaive. Look at how big it is when sheath on Kitty's back. 

The first impression of this weapon is that it almost look like a harpoon. And true enough it would function as one. Given the length of the handle, it would allow Kitty to battle vicious sea monsters from boats and the shield would act as a protection against the assault. The knife like blade will cut through most disgusting sea creatures such as monster squids, so it the Romans had sailed with this, it is good enough for anyone at sea.

The Astraeus Klaive sheath nicely on the back together with the shield, but of course you are free to hold on to it even while seated. The long weapon will ensure whoever tried to come close, it will give you the upper hand and we all know how a nasty cut from it is going to look. Bad.

Visit the We Love Roleplay Event today and get the Astraeus Klaive at a discounted price:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.