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Smooching Serpents F*cked Up

Once in a while, there might be a scenario where a clean beautiful bed is exactly NOT the bed you required, but rather a dirty, broken down make shift bed in a abandoned warehouse... Then the F*cked Up from Smooching Serpent is the bed that comes to mind.

The bed is high suitable for most hobo scenes and do you believe it, there is even a ambiance where there are pizzas, beers and TV, even on the broken down mattresses just placed onto pallets and pipes. 

One thing really fantastic about Smooching Serpent is that usually that is not the only design and this applies to F*cked Up as well. Besides the different colors and textures on the pillows, blankets, pipes and pallets, there are options to totally change the scene using the Ambiance menu. There are options for flowers, candles and even this one with fruits and trees. This so totally goes into some secret garden somewhere.

F*cked Up is still a BDSM bed so except plenty of equipment and the optional equipment is not just rezzed for decorations. All the items you see here, just click on it to get the item for some punishment.

In the case where a very resistance scene if required, there is even a cage which you can ensure your victim is trapped beyond hope.

There are also some additional props with their separated menu, including a armchair where there are menu from lap dances to tasting acrobatics. There is also a crate which you would not see every day. It would really be tight getting trapped inside this one.

Not all the actions need to take place on the bed, there is a frame which can be rezzed using the same pipe and even the cuffs are provided from the equipment above. There are so many menu for animations you will be spoil with all sort of fun from soft to really hardcore actions.

Visit Smooching Serpents to try out the F*cked Up :

Or simply buy it from Market Place:

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